120° Previews White Knight Chronicles

Josh Rai writes: White Knight Chronicles is Final Fantasy XII with HD graphics. That is it; end of preview. Okay, maybe calling White Knight Chronicles a Final Fantasy XII ripoff is unfair.

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lloyd_wonder3486d ago

Level-5 are one the best independent studios in Japan, and I'm looking forward to the western release of White Knight Chronicles.

pippoppow3486d ago

Agree. Looking forward to this game. It looks to be similar but much better than FF12 overall.

kwicksandz3486d ago

Sorry but i thought rogue galaxy was complete trash. Prof layton is pretty neat tho.

dxbstars3486d ago

rogue galaxy was amazing

lloyd_wonder3486d ago

I know Rouge Galaxy may not have been to everyone's liking because it was a very lighthearted RPG, but it was far from trash and was very enjoyable for what it was.

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Baba19063486d ago

i cant wait for this. i know its not perfect but its gonna be fun. i love rpgs =D.

Allowen3486d ago

Do you know if WKC will have trophy support ?

PirateThom3486d ago

It already supports trophies, all games coming out should support trophies.

Jay_Ray3486d ago

Yes, the game has trophies, all games that have been certified by Sony after the start of 2009 must have trophies. So games like ShellShock 2 were certified in late 2008 so even though they were released in 2009 they do not need trophy support.

Immortal Kaim3486d ago

So when is this damn game coming out, longest translation period ever...?

Jay_Ray3486d ago

My guess would be Christmas 2009 or January-February 2010 if Sony wants to try and miss the Christmas rush.

labwarrior3486d ago

It is like it was made by another company altogether, the monster variety is also minimal, it looks more like a joke to me than a real RPG game from DC2 developers

ThatCanadianGuy3486d ago

Look everyone ! It's a troll ! Awww he wants attention..poor little bugger must be lonely :(

Mr Fancy Pants3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Come on labwarrior... I remember you in the esegk's channel some months ago when he was playing White Knight Chronicles and you were trolling like crazy knowing that he doesn't bans anybody from his channel and you kept saying this same crap like all day. Did you made a copy & paste of this words or something?

And you know esegk has an X360 too with all of the jrpgs that are out for it like Tales of Vesperia, The Last Remnant, Infinite Undiscovery, etc and he said that White Knight Story's the best of all and it is exclusively on PS3. <--- That's what hurts you the most?

BTW why are you always trolling on anything related with White Knight Story? Pretty strange if you ask me...

LoL ;-)

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