NY Times Magazine Writer Says "I Hate the iPhone"

In a column titled "I Hate the iPhone," New York Times Virginia Heffernan stretches the limits of personification by describing her disdain for the iPhone's smug, silent attitude. In short, she gave the iPhone a try, discovered she couldn't type on it, and returned it for a Blackberry.

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KionicWarlord2223510d ago

At breakfast, my colleague said she loved her iPhone. She insisted my typing would improve, but she clearly has more native index-finger skills than I do. I asked her if she thought the iPhone was “coy” or “cold,” and she looked at me blankly. As I spoke I felt like a chippy freak — one of those people too intransigently cranky even to like Barack Obama, or recycling, or the Internet.- lol but seriously iphone good its not the best thogh. theres g1 centro .window mobile phones.

IzKyD13313510d ago

N4G Website Member Says "Nobody gives a crap"

Zeus Lee3510d ago

And we should care about YOUR opinion because?

IzKyD13313510d ago

I never said you had to

xabmol3509d ago

We all know oranges are better!


Kushan3509d ago

I like the iPhone, but I would never buy one, it's just too expensive for what it is.

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The story is too old to be commented.