GameSpot: Killzone 2 PostMortem Video

GameSpot writes: "After a long wait, Killzone 2 has finally taken the PlayStation 3 by storm. Hear the inside story of its development from one of the game's producers."

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QuackPot3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Especially like the ending "beginning of an ongoing service...backing up with more content..regular frequent intervals."

If GG tweaks this game with massive improvements with DLC(including vehicles and maps) this could still be the GOTY, no doubt.

GG came so close to perfection with average reviews 9/10.

And yes, only 4 years development not 10 like certain fanboys like to complain.

Just wished they had included the free use of vehicles in SP/MP, given more variety in story/action in SP, made the controls like most FPS, improved the voice acting/VO, had split screen and coop(not just one character) and had more sympathetic/interesting characters then KZ2 would have been one of the greatest games ever - even though not innovative.

But still 9/10 aint bad at all. Bring on the DLC(ie. vehicles please).

WildArmed3488d ago

keep ur hopes up.
He said the DLC will 'include some interesting things'.
It might be vechiles online or somthing much more interesting then just maps