Why Fallout 3 is Overrated

"I don't know what it was about Fallout 3, but nearly everything about the game turned me off. Ugly environments, disgusting animations, and some of the most mind-numbingly boring combat I've ever experienced made my time with the game headache-inducing. While the scope of Fallout 3 is admirable, ultimately, it ends up hurting the game. Such wonderful features as repetitive scenery, game-killing bugs, and a whole lot of frustration with the "survival" aspect that Bethesda implemented had me wondering what all the fuss was about. While Fallout 3 isn't bad, there is far too much credit being given to what is undoubtedly an overrated game."

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Hellsvacancy3579d ago

I dont care, i loved Fallout 3 then hated it then loved it again

The first time i played it (which was when i loved it) was great up until i leveled up 2 20xp, i realized i could get any more perks or anythin it just seemed rather pointless (so that was when i hated it)

But then the trophy patch came out so i thought ill give Fallout 3 another go and i must say adding trophy support made playin Fallout 3 that bit more satisfying so i ended up gettin the Platinum trophy in the end

Its a game that shouldnt b missed - althought i am very bitter about not gettin the Dlc :-(

KenAdamsNSA3579d ago

I've been hearing the DLC has been pretty buggy/lackluster. You're probably not missing out on much.

gaffyh3579d ago

I love Fallout 3, it is the best WRPG this gen imo. And it is better and more RPG-like than Mass Effect imo (although Mass Effect is still a great game).

I think the guy who wrote this article just doesn't like RPGs.

KenAdamsNSA3579d ago

I'm actually a big RPG fan. Oblivion is one of my favorite games of all time, easily.

TheRealSpy3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

to "Why i'm not smart enough to understand vats, leveling up, gear choice, combat efficiency, and the after math of nuclear war."

in fact, why is this even an article? it's just some noob who got a game without knowing at all what to expect because he failed to research anything about bethesda or previous fallout titles.

i think fallout 3 was last year's bioshock and should have been goty.
i like the one comment at the bottom of the article.

poopsack3579d ago

or maybe he didnt like it plain and simple :D

harrisk9543579d ago

One of the BEST games from last year. It is the only game that I am upset about not getting DLC for on my PS3.

iAmPS33579d ago

You know what makes me sick?

The FU*&^%NG INTERNET... they hype the sh!1t out of every major game, than they write articles about why those games are overrated, the same F(*&îng games they made overrated.

You can all go to hell.

ulath6663579d ago

Bethesda doesnt make RPGs anymore. Altough F3 was "more" rpg:ish than oblivion which was an adventure game.
And F3 is a joke roleplaying wise compared to the first to game.
Bethesda gets enourmous amounts of hype and when they release everyone goes apefeces. "OMG BESTEST GAME EVAR!"
Than after a few month people realise that meh, this isnt really as good as it looked when i first saw it, and stuff like this pops up. MAny of the mayor gaming sites/gamingmags have said that in hindsight their reviewscores for Oblivion was way to high. It was a game that had a polished surface but suffered from many little annoying things and no real depth, sympathy for characters and/or the story.

I played F3 for ~30h and dont want to play it again in the forseeable future. It was kinda fun somtimes but many of the weapons were lackluster, the voiceovers were probably the worst we have seen this side of year 2000 (Take a look at the 16 year old dude in the gang in the vault that is voiced by the same fifty year old that do 50% of all the male chars), the combat got stale and Bethesda cant model humans for crap.
It got quite BORING towards the end since the story is quite bad and it just doesnt feel like fallout.
All in all its a 70-80% game imho

Bethesda is a good developer, but they take to many shortcuts, they say "screw it we will take that one", when many other devs would have continued working. They should send their devs for an internship at Bioware, a company that goes out of its way to deliver something extraordinary every time...

TheAntiFanboy3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

No game is perfect, and both Fallout and Oblivion suffer from a lot of fundamentally flawed design choices (most of which are focused on the presentation) that set it back immensely and make it feel like a very incomplete game.

But I still enjoy the hell out of it and consider it my Game of the Year.

JeffGUNZ3579d ago

The textures where pathetic. The game wasn't awful, but not what I expected. A lot of people love this game, but I can see what the author means.

gaffyh3579d ago

@1.8 - Yeah not everyone is going to love the game, but I still like it. I haven't gone back to play it once after completing it, as I did almost all the sidequests. But still it was a really good game from a single-player perspective.

The graphics could have been better, but I'd prefer slightly worse graphics and ~80 hours gameplay, than better graphics and only 25 hours gameplay (i.e. Mass Effect, and I did EVERY sidequest).

LastDance3579d ago

I was playing fallout last night and am always wowed by the graphics and draw distance. He says that GTA4 looked better. I cant agree with that at all.

Bethesda are worst at animations though. Ill give him that.

I guess i shouldn't have even bothered with this write up because one of his complaints was that it was a depressing and brown landscape.
Apparently he thinks nuclear bombs are filled with flowers and opium.

pain777pas3579d ago

I was a first day purchaser and took it back as trade in a week later. I did not like it at all. I just couldn't get into the game at all. I Ran everywhere on the map hoping that my feeling would go away and it did not. Fallout 3 should have a been about the possible threat of a Nuclear bomb and the world is not yet decimated and looks beautiful and you choose whether you want to nuke the world or not or something. I just hated the game. Love GOTY edition Oblivion and will continue to play that. Now that game is a masterpiece and to me the most bang for your buck game out this gen that is quality from top to bottom. Bethesda reps I hope you read this (ELDERS SCROLLS 5 PLEASE).

Kakkoii3579d ago

@KenAdamsNSA: You must not have read the news about the DLC very well, or at all.

It's not that it was buggy, it's that for the consoles peoples downloads were being corrupted. Leading to glitched up DLC for people. It wasn't the content they created that was buggy.

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morganfell3579d ago

I'll have to agree. The game could have been so much more than a bunch of tunnels, rubble, and 8 foot mutants. Boring is the word that comes to mind. Especially when cast against it's predecessor.

KenAdamsNSA3579d ago

Half the fun of Oblivion was finding that cool, unique part of the world that was hidden away from the rest of the game. It was this search and reward system that made Oblivion's presentation so much more effective than Fallout 3.

jmare3579d ago

I think the biggest missed opportunity was not having faction quests. The best part of Oblivion was the Dark Brotherhood quests, especially the one where you were locked in a house and had to kill everyone without anyone noticing. The only good mission like that in Fallout was the tranquility lane quest.

lord_of_balrogs3579d ago

I find myself agreeing with Morganfell,

Compared to Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, Fallout 3 is nothing special. The biggest downfall Fallout 3 was for me was the story. I personally felt it sucked.

Baka-akaB3579d ago

I can only agree here . thus i'd add that i dislike oblivion much more to begin with . Fallout 3 at least got some decent plotting and narration .

I always disliked how bethesda could do such amazing story in the books from library and bookshelves of it's elderscrolls games , yet cant code a proper dialogue system and decent quests .

I also was never fan of the forced fps trend . Ok then you can switch to a 3rd person view , but it's never the same , with the way the game is designed . I much prefer titles such as Baldur's gate or the Witcher .
baldur's gate gave you pretty much as much freedom , without crappy random dungeon generated on the map , and with a good plot and quest system .

mastiffchild3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

The article's a bit scattershot(prolly to tne down what he really felt which as he liked Oblivion so much was almost definitely huge disappointment)but between it and Morganfells comment I have to kind of agree.

I was really eager to see what Bethesda would do with what was one of the best, imo, franchises ever. I was , even as a fan of F1 and 2, even looking forward to the hybrid RPG/shooter combat we'd get. In short I was really desperate for this game to be a real GOTY contender.

When it dropped my disappointment was almost physical. The third person view and animations are the worst things(visually)that I've seen from Bethesda and the environments were really unconvincing and repetitive(despite it being a wasteland wherever you get people you get some colour)and both combat systems are pretty broken. The FPS part of the game is pure frustration even when you get a decent gun with aiming seemingly arbitrary compared to what you actually hit while VATS seems to be way out on it's % points.

What they ended up with was buggy(as we all expect from them and on all formates that I saw), a big let down for Fallout fans and not really "Onlivion with guns" as Bethesda wanted as the action adventure had way more personality than F3 plus you couldn't take all the same actors seriously in their new roles when they just reminded you of the old ones.

Whatever, I played the first two games to death way back when and did about 200 hours on Oblivion as well. In Fallout3 it was an effort to finish the story arc(which I did)due to poor combat and frustration with recycled scenery and unconvincing characters and actors.

So yeah, was it bad? No. Was it GOTY? No.Was it as good as Oblivion? No. Was it in any way like it's frabchise predecessors? No. It's a brave attempt at livening up the RPG genre and deepening the FPS one which just isn't as good as it could have been and disappoints a few as they wished, like I did, that it could , indeed, convincingly weld the two game types together AND keep the atmoshere of the original games. That it fails to live up to pre release hype for me is true but why is more important and though I didn't really enjoy it I do appreciate what they tried to do.

Just never got why people loved it so much with the failings I saw AND the usual slap dash buggy product from Bethesda(seriously, when will they pay us something for doing their damn QA?).
EDIT:sorry for any typos I have a big keyboard issue today(sticky keys due to soda disaster) and sorry for going on so long.

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Johnny Rotten3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

I thought the art style was really cool and other than it freezing everything worked well.

I wouldn't call it overrated but I would say it received a little more credit than it deserved. I traded it while it was still worth something, after putting 100 hours into it the DLC didn't really interest me.

@ Dirty below: I bought it for the 360 and it froze up mainly on the loading screens.

OGharryjoysticks3579d ago

but there wasn't any DLC either so

BlackRaven853579d ago

Blaming DLC? Well I must have a good version of the game because I have not experienced freezing on my 360 copy. And it's not everyone's cup of tea, but don't go bashing it because you don't like it. If you don't then you don't.

Seferoth753579d ago

You are at N4G. B!tching is what the majority does best. Doesnt matter what it is you'll always find the same people running around hating on anything they can. I often wonder how they find any time to game.

devilhunterx3579d ago

and so it starts. just like gta4.

DrJones3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Yeah, spoiled brats who is complaining about great titles because the animations are a little stiff .. pffffft.. really?
Is there no better thing to complain about?
Fallout 3 is a better game than the majority of games being released on consoles, PERIOD.
It was the same squabble over gta4.
Spoiled brats.

And you get disagrees for stating a very true observation, in these peoples minds.
Can it be some sort off inferiority complex they are having?

They can't have much insight, confidence or guts can they.

OGharryjoysticks3579d ago

The AI in Far Cry 2 was better. Actually I might say the AI could have been the best ever. I don't know if it was glitch or just genious but I remember ambushing a group of guards at a bridge and killed them all except one (who was injured) but that injured guard somehow crawled over to a wall and continued to fire at me while he sat there until he died. I was shocked and still haven't seen anything like that elsewhere. I just wish there wasn't all that screen tearing in that game...I HATE screen tearing. At least Fallout 3 didn't have any.

Hellsvacancy3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

Its constant runnin around and gettin killed and then runnin 4 another 3 days, i feel like ive been playin that game for half of my life and havnt seemed 2 of gotten very far (Chapter 1 - 13%) ive done loads of missions

I play it every now and then but i find it a bit slow a sluggish although 1 thing i do like is when u throw a genade it sound well realisitc (not that ive ever thrown a grenade b4)