TVGB: Interview / David Gaider, senior writer for Dragon Age: Origins (Part 1)

TVGB writes: "On the last day of GDC, less than an hour after speaking with Nintendo's Marc Franklin, I made a 25-minute trip through some streets (Why so far, BioWare? WHY!?) to reach the hotel where BioWare was demoing some new goodies on their upcoming fantasy RPG and spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate 2, Dragon Age: Origins. I got a spiffy gameplay sampling that showed off a lot of the dialogue and quest options that are the staple of any great BioWare game, as well as a good look at the combat system, which will be familiar to any Baldur's Gate fan.

While I was there, I got to talk with the lead writer for the game, David Gaider. On top of writing for this game, he also has a book coming out that ties into the Dragon Age universe. We had a good talk, where he reveals not only a few details behind some of the core game mechanics, but also the motivation behind a lot of them and how he aims to make this game evoke some real emotion and concern from the player. From there we got to talking a little bit about the general challenge of storytelling in games, when the unthinkable happened and we ran out of time."

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