The Future of MMO Gaming: a Peek at 2009

MMO Hub's Cody Hargreaves takes a look at several of the MMO titles coming out in 2009, and shares which ones excite him the most. Will one of the lesser known games manage to change the way the genre works?

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Dino4184d ago

some of those games looked sick! I can't believe that they're mmo's though

Nasty4184d ago

No mention of either of the titles I'm interested in hearing about.

Global Agenda and Jumpgate: Evolution

give us some good sci-fi MMO's, 2009!

JOEdANGEL4184d ago

I'm liking this transition to a more action oriented combat style. Blade & Soul and Mabinogi Heroes look awesome!

silvacrest4184d ago

cant wait for these awesome MMOs to come along

squidyj4183d ago

Mabinogi Heroes looks really interesting as it seems to be developing gameplay beyond just "kill them dudes ovar thar"

I do like the style moving towards more action-oriented combat. That level of interactivity in combat combined with significant leveling rewards would do a lot to alleviating the tedium of 'grinding'. This would be especially true if they could make boss battles truly engaging and provided a large number of enemies that required different strategies.