Keep Your Mac Clean, Healthy and Fast

Even though Mac users are free from the hassle of having to reinstall Mac OS X on a
monthly basis, they still need to keep their computers clean and healthy, in order to have a decent working operating system.

With almost every application that you install come caches, universal binaries, unnecessary logs and languages, install preferences, support files, etc., while dozens of widgets may be half uninstalled or simply lying unused on your Mac's hard drive. In case you didn't know, all this clutter not only occupies valuable disk space, but also slows down your Mac. It can become a nightmare if you decide to clean everything up manually. Luckily, there's a tool to do this job automatically, as well as much safer. That tool is CleanMyMac.

Comparable to applications like AppZapper, CleanMyMac boasts a useful Application Remove feature, which analyzes not only the application itself, but everything it consists of. So, if it has some additional bundles or some external plugins, CleanMyMac will find and remove them. However, CleanMyMac does so much more.

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Software_Lover3485d ago

I love it when people say things and have no idea what they are talking about. Another "its cool to hate windows" sentence. People cant think for themselves anymore.

skyfire22613485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

I love it when window's users say they don't. lol.

It's a known fact if you want to keep windows running smooth you HAVE to re-install that mess of spaghetti code at least once every 3 months. And no i wasn't doing anything wrong or would otherwise compromise the system, it's just how windows works, face it.

Tempist3485d ago

@ Skyfire

Are you a complete windows noob? Every computer I build and drop windows onto, I've had to install the OS once and once only. I have no idea what you're doing to corrupt your OS so quickly, but myself and millions others don't have to deal with that BS.

Overall this program highlights the inefficiencies in OSX.

Frnicatr3485d ago

Inefficiencies? What the hell? This is like any Windows-based program that helps clean the BS out of the system.

And I find it hard to believe you can install a Windows OS without having to re-install it at some point. In a year at least you'd have to re-install it in order to get it back into proper running condition.

Blaine3484d ago

I've had my laptop for almost two years now, and it runs just as smoothly as the day I got it. (Smoother, actually, because I had to spend a couple days deleting all the crap software that was preinstalled and tweaking the settings to my preferences.)

I have Vista, and I love it. There, I said it, I mean it.

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y0haN3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

hurf durf teh only compooter is Mac.

On the 28th of this month it'll be a year of this install of XP. And I only reinstalled it because I installed a new HDD, motherboard and CPU. But hey, you don't have to put that much effort in with a Mac. Throw it away and buy a new one! Who needs to know about the physical aspects of computing anyway?

Ps_alm3k3485d ago

its not a virus is this????

yojoe263485d ago

I have a mac, so I don't even know the meaning of the word "virus." hehehe

SaiyanFury3485d ago

That is, until Macs gain enough marketshare to get the attention of people that develop the viruses, and you get targeted as well.

Jeremy Clarkson3485d ago

If you want a good application to help keep your Mac clean, check out OnyX.

somekindofmike3484d ago

Thanks for the advice, I downloaded this tool it worked a treat deleting about 2.5GB of crap off my system.

To all the people whinning about windows & OSX,

neither OS is perfect! each has there own benefits and problems and it all depends on your own particular needs, me I stick to OSX but i'd never try and convince a gamer to use OSX! why can't we all be happy with our own choices and not feel the need to push our decisions on everybody else!?!?!?!