Microsoft updates WGA to hunt down counterfeit Windows XP Pro

Microsoft Corp., tacitly acknowledging the continued popularity of Windows XP, said yesterday that it was updating the operating system's antipiracy technology to detect illegal copies installed with newlystolen or faked product keys, or with new activation cracks.

In an entry to a company blog, Alex Kochis, director of Microsoft's Genuine Windows group, spelled out the update to WGA Notifications. That's the antipiracy component that provides the messages and other on-screen prompts when the other half of WGA, dubbed Validations, detects an illegal copy of the operating system.

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ShabzS3482d ago

*cancel update* *cancel update*

Kakkoii3482d ago

Lol, it happened to me a week ago. I just used a keygen and found a new unblocked key :P

CrippleH3482d ago

What kind of idiot will turn on update with a counterfeit.

Gun_Senshi3482d ago

Actually you can update on counterfeit windows without problems, if this happens just wait like 5 min for a new crack

Gothdom3482d ago

I'm using a counterfeit xp, and I turned off any WGA notification. This new update thing is useless if , when you installed XP and were asked to update, you said no and clicked on "don't ask me again"

I have yet to see a problem, the system has been running since 2001

ironmonkey3482d ago

the hackers will counter hack it lol

Dawn_Of_Ashes3482d ago

i bet in 1 week or less it will already be useless.

Oblong Cheese3482d ago

If you've never installed the "WGA Notification Tool" then you needn't worry. It's really easy: when the download shows up, untick the box. It'll ask if you "never want to download this update", say yes.

Problem solved.

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The story is too old to be commented.