You Know You've Played Too Much Resident Evil When You…

MyPS3 writes: "Resident Evil 5 is one of the most anticipated games of the year; dedicated fans have read all of the previews, watched all of the trailers and replaced their girlfriends with an RE5 screen as their phone wall paper.

For the Resident Evil faithful here's a list of common symptoms to be on the lookout for to determine if you've played too much Resident Evil in the lead up to Resident Evil 5."

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bigboss9113486d ago

I have played re games more than any other. Ive beat Re4 20 times not including the Ada missions and Mercenaries. Ive spent like 40 something hours on Re5. Re2 disk 1 speed run, 1 hour and 47 min. Not the fastest in the world I know, but Im proud of it. Re4 is around 2 hours and 32 min. Re1,2,cv, i cant remember. I love killing zombies, and Umbrella/Tricell Monstrosities. I want Re2 remake using Re5 tech. The day they mess with the controls is the day Re dies. "Bu bu bu but its teh action game not survival horror..." stfu. Everyone says the controls dont work. Add me on PSN: rpd3... Ill show you how they work. Actually you probably wont have any thing to kill as ill be shotgunning my way to Zombie extermination heaven. Seriously me and a Handcannon= u no get kills hahaha. Oh and a tip... give Sheva a magnum and a sniper rifle and she turns into a killing machine.

El_Colombiano3486d ago

There is one problem. RE5 isn't a horror game any more. Survival? Yes. The amount of enemies overwhelm at times, but it isn't horror anymore.

BkaY3486d ago

i really dont wanna add anything to what u already said.... count me as an old school re fan.... yep RE2 (reminds me of countless hours ... unlock tofo, hunk, playing merc, speed run.. just regret one thing... havent finished RE4... :( .... i will finish it before i die..lolz)

and about RE5.... honestly RE5 is my game of the year.... got my plat 2 weeks ago... simply love online.... i play with my best mate on vet or pro with handgun only ... so freaking intense .... i really want RE6 to come out tomorrow.

whoever thinks "controls sux" ..... newflash ......"U FCUKIN SUX MATE"

add me if you wanna play online or need hand with the trophies..


Ghoul3486d ago

could we please stop the discussion what kind of game re5 is

its awesome that we all can mostly agree on.

Xwow20083486d ago

quote(7. Shop with the shiftiest looking merchant around)
(9. Are appalled that typewriters can’t save)
were the :)

PrimordialSoupBase3486d ago

You Know You've Played Too Much Resident Evil When You've... played Resident Evil 5.

7thNightvolley3486d ago

maybe its just me.. coz i have played a hell lot of res evil but i dont do any of those wacking stuff. lol.. "eat green leaves thinking they are herbs.. wow just wow!

ParanoidMonkey3486d ago

Eh... It's not really survival anymore, either. Lots of enemies sometimes doesn't really make it about survival. What made the classic REs about survival to me was managing items, judging if using x weapon to kill y zombie was really worth it in the long run, and avoiding damage like my life literally depended on it. I ran out of ammo far more often in Killzone 2 than I did in RE5 and healing items are in every other room.

HarukoHex3486d ago

thats funny since, i got the crap scared out of me anyways by things poping out when i didn't expect them, and as for the ammo thing, i ran out of ammo a whole lot in this game, when you run 2 players, *like it was built for* you have to split ammo and that makes it that much harder.

ParanoidMonkey3486d ago

Fear is a very subjective thing. Different things scare different people. I played the entire game in co-op by the way, and I didn't have any issues with ammo or healing items.

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The story is too old to be commented.