TGR: Do AAA X360 Games Lack Originality? Part One

There have been tons of great titles for the 360. TGR takes them out, sifts through them, and delivers the top 20 for the platform.

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cain1415590d ago

First to top Metacritic at 20 is pretty impressive. Even if some of those games seem iffy...

Viewtiful5590d ago

I think more than a few are iffy. I agree, X360 games have been pretty bland so far with the exception of XBLA.

TheAntiFanboy5590d ago

Almost all AAA titles are bland. They're just franchises and very few of them do anything to innovate.

ZuperAmazingCooKie5590d ago (Edited 5590d ago )

Halo invented First Person Shooters, Gears of War invented the cover system (hell, it invented 3rd person shooters), Halo is the first game about shooting Aliens from space and Gears is the first storyline *ever* where ugly humanoids from below earth try to slaughter humanity. Fable invented the Zelda genre.

I was born yesterday too.

SlamVanderhuge5590d ago

Disagree completely about Portal: SA. Great way to play the game if you haven't done so already, and the extra maps are worthwhile endeavors that offer new and exciting ways to play the game. It fully deserves its ranking

cain1415590d ago

I'd say go for orange box if it's an either or situation. A lot of great games in that.

Plus it's interesting that the same game is basicly up there twice...

A HiFi5590d ago

I believe The Orange Box is the one to go for. There's really no point why you shouldn't, unless you don't like quality story based FPS and online fragging. Portal is already in there; albeit, as part of a package.

cain1415590d ago

Can't beat Team Fortress 2 and Half Life 2 for just a few dollars more!

ihaten4glol5590d ago

I'd much rather pay for The Orange Box than buy the XBLA version of Portal simply because 1 - it's better value, and 2 - it isn't eating up my 360's HD space.

cain1415590d ago

Yeah I still have a 20 gig as well. It's nearly full

edhe5590d ago

Because you'll never get budget for a 'AAA' game on an unproven concept.

cain1415590d ago

For the most part I'd agree with that...

lloyd_wonder5590d ago

Little Big Planet is the perfect example of a game that is original in form and critically acclaimed. Also, the highest rated next-gen exclusive out.