God of War 3 has RE5 Syndrome

Hype is already reaching astronomical levels, but is there reason to be concerned about how God of War 3 will be received?

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Zeus Lee3511d ago

It's great that you put this under the 360 section,even though it's clear that your trolling is only meant for the Ps3 exclusive that is God of War III

Viewtiful3511d ago

The sections have been fixed. I thought you were supposed to flag it for all systems discussed and since RE5 is on 360, I figured I'd tag it. Apologies.

cain1413511d ago

The author has a valid point, with this much hype it can't meet expectations...

sonarus3511d ago

I had insane hype for GOW2. Enough to save up money for PS3 because back then we all thought it would be a PS3 game.

In the end i played GOW2 on my PS3 and i wasn't disappointed one bit in fact GOW2 was superior to GOW1. WOW so a sequel can be superior to its prequel? According to this guy it can't and i also remember sony marketing the hell out of that game too.

This guy is just talking out of his arse. Everyone knows the RE5 issue was strictly related to the controls. We all thought progressing into next gen the controls would have been better but we were wrong. GOW does not have that problem so your RE5 syndrome theory is fvkin useless. If you don't want to get hyped for GOW3 then don't get hyped but getting pissed off when people get hyped for one of the greatest games of the PS2 era is stupid.

On a side note. I don't know why people hate QTE's so much. I fvkin love them. In RE5 QTE's suck cus they were during cut scenes. But in GOW QTE's are during combat and they are done to pull off cool finishers. If you don't want to pull off a finisher you still have the option to defeat the enemy regular combat. Only boss battles require QTE finishes

odisho683511d ago

if you can stick out the controls in RE5 then u'll understand why the game is a good step forward from RE4 (not a great step)...but the hype for some games does end up hurting them a lot more...did Haze really deserve a 4/10?? looll I doubt it...the hype factor ends up killing review scores most of the time (except for GTA4...wayyyy too overrated)...

God of War 2 was hyped up to be PS2's greatest game...and in my opinion it was...and now God of War 3 is going to be put in the same situation and God of War 3 will meet or surpass all expectations especially since it has at least 8-12 months before the game is ready to be shipped (look at the quality already) is funny how PS3 games are the overhyped games but when 360 games fail to meet review expectations no1 says anything...these articles are really biased against Sony

Microsoft Xbox 3603511d ago

QTE's are better than watching, straight-up scripted video sequences.

SoapShoes3511d ago

GOW3 will be the best GOW title yet! At least it sounds that way from interviews where they said they're now implementing ideas too ambitious for PS2.

That said it still will get bashed for being a PS3 game. All PS3 games are nitpicked to death. Look at Killzone 2, fantastic game that constantly gets double standards. Killzone 2 gets crap for being great and people just don't want to justify purchasing a PS3 because of their hate for it.

I can see it now...
"God of War 3 feels like a God of War game so it's not revolutionary"
"We don't like new mechanics in GOW3"
"Bayonetta blows GOW3 out of the water"
"GOW3 isn't PS3's savior"
"GOW3 is the next PS3 flop?"
"GOW3 with anything and a question mark"

RyuStrife3511d ago

That's right 360. Think about MGS4 with QTE's then they wouldn't call it a movie anymore(like it was ever one to begin with). People complain both ways, "Too much QTEs" or "Too much movie sequence". Well which one do you want?

- Ghost of Sparta -3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

"Will GoW3 be fun? Abso-friggin-lutely. I have the utmost faith in Ready at Dawn Studios to make a fantastic product that is not only drop dead gorgeous, but fluid and engaging as well."

Are these people retarded? Ready At Dawn isn't making God of War 3. I love how user blogs are now considered "articles" or "news". If you're a true God of War fan, why the hell would you want the gameplay changed? Everything in the previous two was perfect. What'd you want, a God of War FPS? Over the shoulder view? Zero. That's how much credibility TGR has now after reading this.

sonarus3511d ago

Man i must have missed the ready at dawn part...sigh

Dark General3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

There's a few fundamental flaws. Or rather one important one. Res went from a horror game to a action game but it kept the same controls that it had. Controls that don't cut it in the action adventure genre. That was the major point against Res5 along with looking and playing almost the exact same. We can't say the same thing about GoW3 we've seen one leaked cell phone quality vid that lasted 50 seconds showing some gameplay. That's it. We haven't really saw any of the levels, puzzles or boss fights. The things GoW is known for.

GoW2 was better than the original because it's combat was a bit deeper, the puzzles were better and there was bigger and more boss fights. It just grew in grandeur presentation and execution. Lets wait until after we see more footage before we go hopping to conclusions that GoW3 will be stale. Specially when they talk about revamping the combat system and weapon system.

StephanieBBB3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

Damn can people for once stop making stuff up as they go? As a journalist you should know to stick to the facts even in your rants.

"The same thing is going to happen with God of War 3. Consider what we have seen thus far from GoW3. A few really cool videos have been released to whet our appetites, and everything looks fantastic, except for one thing. ----->All of those amazing stunts, and over-the-top kills? They’re all still obviously Quick-Time-Events <----. Is there anything more stale and played out than Quick-Time-Events?"

How in the h3ll did he come to that? ALL the stunts? Ok so you've played the game and know this for a fact right? No? Then be so kind and STFU.

pixelsword3511d ago (Edited 3511d ago )

The beta doesn't even exist and he already "knows" that we're going to be disappointed.

That article gave me the runs.

I think I'm going to block that article.

And report it as lame.. to which the mods will do nothing.

CaseyRyback_CPO3511d ago

Still to this day. But again, when theres nothing else to cover for the 360 game related. Why not revert to the favorite N4G pass time of complaining about PS3 exclusives.

That you will never get to play.

Unicron3511d ago

Dark General I feel has hit the nail on the head. If a sequel improves upon the predecessor but retains the feel of the originals, thats fine by me. I have beef with RE because, as much as I love RE4... well, we've seen the gameplay and controls done BETTER in other recent titles such as Dead Space. RE lost its identity to me. It's still a fun game in coop, but no where near as great as RE4 or past RE's IMHO.

To already start a FUD campaign against GoW3 is just disappointing frankly.

thats_just_prime3511d ago

Once again n4g proves it is home the the dumbest and most idiotic ps3 fanboys ever. Its not like sony doesnt have a history of over hyping and waaaaaaaaaaaay under delievering. No I'm being a fanboy cause Halo 3 was over hyped too. However this article really would apply to any major release no matter what system its on. Companies seem to always over hype there games now a days. That being said I'd enjoyed RE5 and sure I'll enjoy GooW3 too

Unicron3511d ago

Can you explain to me how Sony is "overhyping" anything right now about God of War?

A Gameawards teaser, ONE trailer, and a behind closed doors tech demo of the engine at GDC? How is that "overhyping?" Once again, people need to step back and learn that 99% of HYPE comes from excited and talkative fans and mainly the MEDIA. It's their JOB to HYPE things so they can get HITS and thus REVENUE. They are a business built on hype. Smart gamers will step back and temper their expectations.

For instance... Killzone 2? Great looking game. I knew it was going to be a great looking game, but I wasn't going to fool myself into thinking it will sell 15,000,0000 copies on day one or be some gameplay revelation. It was a solid, well made, FUN shooter. Only fools eat the media hype or think what they read on a forum translates to the game community at large.

I have yet to be let down this gen with titles personally. The biggest letdown for ME this gen so far has been RE5. Your mileage will vary. The MEDIA has a history of WAAYYY OVERHYPING, then they complain when the games don't meet THEIR OWN inflated expectations. Stop falling for it, many of us learned this back in the SNES era.

pain777pas3511d ago

RE5 controls I just did not like, actually all RE game controls have not been the best however that is a different genre survival horror which Capcom will surely fix because they are that damn good. Now onto GOW3. Seriously if it is a highres version of the first 2 games I'll take it. The execution for this games is made for the next gen and you were getting a next gen type game on PS2 hardware now they have to visually wow us and I'll be happy because like Ninja Gaiden the controls are perfect and Mario for that matter. It's one of those games that was nailed the first time no need to be tinkered with like Mario just update and innovate where the tech lets you and some things for the 6axis like folklore will allow this game to be the best action game along side NG2 or maybe above it.

Blaze9293510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Who is the lead producer for GOW3? I loved GOd of War 1 ever since I got the demo from Playstation Underground and played it so many times before the release. When it came out, I bought it day one and played it a hella lot.

Then GOW2 was announced...and also announced was that Jaffe wouldnt be lead producer anymore. Instead, Cory Barlog took Jaffe's place. And I loved GOW2 and bought it day one as well becuase of what GOW1 was but I have to admit I did not like it as much as I did the first game.

And now for GOW3, i hear even Cory has quit like come on, stop the switching of producers!

I know GOW3 will be good but I'm not joining the hype machine. It isnt even Sony hyping GOW3, its the media and fanboys. Look at how Killzone 2 did. And now MAG.

Who's producing this one anyway, the Chains of Olympus dude? Either Sony works their producers to death which is why they quit everytime or its just a very vigorous task. GOW1 out of all four GOW games is my favorite one to date. Again, this game will be good no doubt and I cant wait to play it but i agree on the hype meter for this. Like come on....really? Last game in the franchise, better come in and go out with a bang.

Dark General3510d ago

Stig Asmussen is going to be the lead for this one. He was in the behind the scenes interviews for GoW2 and i think GoW1 as well (not sure about that one). Guy seemed passionate about the game. If you watch the second disc of GoW2 you'll be sure to spot him.

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Zeus Lee3511d ago

Yep there is:Flame-Bait Articles.

Ocelot39973511d ago

I don't see anything wrong with this. There's some pretty valid concerns raised. I don't think that an article that tries to dull the hype surrounding a game should be flagged flamebait.

shawnsl653511d ago

gamers should be worried about hype? or "fanboys/girls" should be worried about the hype?

cain1413511d ago

I really can't stand QTE's at all...

God of War is normally one of the few exceptions

mastiffchild3511d ago

I dunno about flamebait but I do think he's wrong this time. Like GT5 we know that GOW3 will be a big game in terms of sales due to it's incredible fluff free and excellent pedigree.

We KNOW what we'll get and seeing as the QTE's are known to be a big part of the gameplay in GOW they won't upset too many-as long as the difficulty all round is there for us vets of the series all they really do is add sme flash to your kills isn't it?

It will look even better than the already incredibly good looking PS2 games and we've already seen that the scale will be ramped up immensely. The additions to gameplay(Titan levels always moving look exciting and the climb on cyclops battles and other things too that are both fresh and in keeping with the series)look good and are welsome yet we don't expect a huge shift in basic gameplay because it really works already.

RE5 ruined the SP by bowing to the co-op gods almst completely and in doing so virtually stopped being a survival horror game in it's SP-despite not moving gamplay along it still moved far from it's roots. And anyway people still moaned about the controls for EVERY RE game so far-why would we expect any different? Yeah, the co-op was fun but was it RE? Certainly I felt like I'd rather play Dead Space for my SP survival horror kicks but the similarity to RE4 wasn't it's problem-it was the ways in which it went too far and hype didn't hurt it at all.

I honestly think GOW fans know pretty well what they'll get(it's a very consistent product and one that we have no reason to feel they mess up)and as long as we get the gameplay additions we've seen plus a couple more, they amp up the pretty(which they will)and it still feels like Kratos being Kratos why wouldn't we be content?

There's hype, yes, but only because of what we know and what we've seen so far. I really don't think anyone hasd unrealistic expectatons for GOW3. Sales may not be as good as they were for the PS2 games as the install base for that was vast but if it makes MGS4 numbers nobody will complain and I can only see it doing that. Is that me being unrealistic? Is that too much hype? After CoO, GOW,GOW2 aren't we entitled to think this might just be a good game?

People bought Halo3 in their millions-that was more hyped than any game I can remember and by MS as well as rabid fanboys-did the hype hurt it? No. Was it everything the hpe said it would be? No it was just more, streamlined Halo with a clever mode in Forge. GOW is like Halo as a franchise in that it doesn't move on greatly yet people don't moan or expect it to so it'll be fine.

Sometimes hype does get the better of us gamers but GOW3 isn't one of those times-honestly.

Aclay3511d ago

"Will GoW3 be fun? Abso-friggin-lutely. I have the utmost faith in Ready at Dawn Studios to make a fantastic product...."

That's one mistake right there. Ready At Dawn isn't developing God of War 3, Sony Santa Monica is.

God of War 3 doesn't have "RE5 Syndrome", the guy that wrote this has just been letting the hype get to him when it comes to games.

"...but don’t expect anything more than a glossed up recreation of the original experience with some fun new tidbits thrown in for good measure."

^^ And that's exactly what I expect from God of War 3, nothing more and nothing less, because that's pretty much how EVERY next-gen sequel has turned out to be (Halo 3, Resident Evil 5, Killzone 2, etc..) they are basically an upgraded, bigger and better versions of the originals.

JOEdANGEL3511d ago

I think you need to read the article again because it doesn't say that Ready At Dawn is making the game. It says:

"Will GoW3 be fun? Abso-friggin-lutely. I have the utmost faith in the developers to make a fantastic product that is not only drop dead gorgeous, but fluid and engaging as well."

The guy isn't saying the game's gonna suck, he's saying it's likely to disappoint some people which it probably will.

GarandShooter3511d ago

Joe, my bet is the author edited the article after realizing what a stupid blunder he made. That makes a lot more sense than people typing quotes out instead of using 'copy' and 'paste', don't you think?