PlayStation 3 Uses Heat Pipe Cooling

In an interview with Japanese site PC Impress Watch, Sony 's Ken Kutaragi said that because of the power of the Cell processor and the RSX graphics chip, PlayStation 3 will use a custom cooling solution, with heat pipes. Heat pipes conduct the heat much faster than conventional cooling, and are commonly used to cool high-end PCs.

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achira5466d ago

i am sure the ps3 will not have heat issues. good job sony !!!

USMChardcharger5466d ago

heat pipes are in the 360 too.
but good news for you is my 360 never gets more than luke warm.

so are they still figuring out what to put in the PS3 or is this something old and are now just talking about it?

TheMART5466d ago

Are those not heatsinks?

USMChardcharger5465d ago

5hrs after work i finally get what you just said
not much to be said after that.

Droidbro5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

a couple ps3s will overheat and well have the xbox360 launch fiasco all over again. im a 360 owner but that heat pipe kewling is pretty kewl.

Droidbro5466d ago

not like all that third party cooling sh1t coming out for 360. Let me just void my warranty and possibly fukc up my console to fix a cooling problem thats nonexistent

Lucidmantra5466d ago

the problem was not NONEXISTANT you bafoon. Mine overheated, and trust me it was in the open not on the carpet. I have the plastic not removed issue. So before you spew off about your conspiracy theory remember by the numbers I have heard about 15% of them were returned as manufacturing defects because of the plastic protection cover not removed. And I got mine at 12:30 Nov 22 2005, so i was in the first batch. SO you can stop posting in here and the water cooling unit that the problem was a shame, Sony did it, blah blah. It happened they fixed em and were moving along.

Droidbro5465d ago

are you sure your not a sony slave talkin smack about the 360? Hmm, hmmmm???

Lucidmantra5465d ago

if you don't know who I am at this site you are probibly a n00b and as such need to STFU! Since I don't know who you are and I have been posting at xbox360news and ps3today for over a year and a half now I will give you this one chance to be an idiot. Yeah I am such a SOny fanboi I went on 360 launch night and got my system and 9 games, and 3 extra controllers... I know all the SOny fanbois did that. And they have over 20 games for the system not including XBL Arcade games. Move along n00b.

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Killswitch5466d ago (Edited 5466d ago )

Damn it hush with the console war there will be only one king out there. And it will be the one that has the best ideas, lease problems, also the most third party developer including them third party companies. Seriously we know who it’s gonna be NINTEND Wii

Sphinx5466d ago

I love thw Wii and all, but it'll be either no.2 or a close no.3

Gamer135466d ago

Hope when i get mines it don,t burn up are overheat and kill the whole system.

Lucidmantra5466d ago

I do too for all the console owners. Even if I don't really like Sonys attitude for the gamers I hope the console works so their fans can be happy.

Droidbro5465d ago

well it has to have some sort of cooling system genius.

96impala5466d ago

Microsoft has their own license to use and manufacture the CPU used in the Xbox 360, and thus we see their logo on the chip itself. Microsoft cools the 3-core CPU using a fairly beefy heatsink outfitted with heatpipes. Airflow is supplied by the two rear fans in the Xbox 360; the air is channeled over the GPU and CPU heatsinks using a duct. The larger heatsink on the right is atop the CPU, the smaller heatsink is for the GPU.

Anerythristic265466d ago

The heatpipe thing isn't that original?

Lucidmantra5466d ago

what was the reason for the post? You had to goto anandtech to get that? That is not how the heat pipe works.

96impala5465d ago (Edited 5465d ago )

well smart guy, i was merely pointing out the fact that the 360 uses heatpipes already. Is that okay with you?? And if i have posted wrongly, can you be so bold as to enlighten us how they work???? Im more than willing to hear you out.

Lucidmantra5465d ago (Edited 5465d ago )

Heat Pipe 101 - (PS sorry if i sounded pissy in my first comment. Rough day at work.)

The heat from the CPU boils the fluid in the pipe. It then evaporates and travels to the cooling fins and condenses. When it condenses it releases heat and that is transferred to the fins where they are cooled by air. Once the fluid condenses, it is absorbed by the wick (anything that absorbes water or fluid) and taken back to the CPU where the whole process starts over again.

If you want a picture I can photoshop one fast if you like.

96impala5465d ago

well i appreciate your explanation, but do tell me this. The explanation you gave, is that how heat pipes in general work? or is that how the xbox 360's work? The one i pasted was talking about the 360's.

Lucidmantra5465d ago

most heat pipes work the same. It is the principle which they work under I believe. Let me check to be sure and I was saving the picture I made on the 360 innards when my PC crashed since it is like 104 in my room lol I will do it again and post later after dark so you see on the 360 how it works.

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