Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 A Port or A Real PS3 Exclusive?

Will Team Ninja and Tecmo actually put the time and effort into this game that it deserves? While the game will be good due to it's great gameplay and intriguing story, it could be so much better if they take their time to make it a "true" PS3 exclusive.

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heyheyhey3488d ago

considering they're adding online co-op... i'd say PS3 exclusive

nice little turn of events eh?

infamous_273488d ago

But thats like calling Virtual Fighter 5 Online a 360 exclusive...

xino3488d ago

I've got nothing against the hiphopgamer, but the other journalist who writes these articles need to sharpen up:/

First of all, Sigma is not a PORT! It's a remake of Ninja Gaiden exclusive for the XBox.

Ninja Gaiden is still exclusive to the Xbox.
Ninja Gaiden Sigma is exclusive to the PS3 with redefined changes. (making it to be unoriginal).

sonarus3488d ago

From what i heard its running on Ninja gaiden sigma engine, screenshots already proved it looks better and it has more characters and extra features such as coop. They have also made refinements to improve camera.

Sounds like the best ninja gaiden 2 version you can find. If you call that a port then give me a port anytime:D

IdleLeeSiuLung3488d ago

For all intensive purposes it is basically a port with slightly better visuals and added content.

A remake would suggest they upped the graphics and other aspects significantly alas MGS:Twin Snakes for GC from MGS for PS1.

On a personal note, I don't think NGS2 will be the definite version. Just look at what happened to Sigma 1. Decent game, but does it best NGB? Hell NO!

Did they screw it up with Rachel as a playable character? Yes! Are they removing blood, yes! They are suppose to remove bad stuff alas camera tweaks not remove the good stuff. The game isn't out yet, and I'm hoping they will change my view of the game, but I'm not hopeful.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3488d ago

A port would imply it's the same game

A remake would imply they're re-doing the game from the ground up

It doesn't even have the same name

It's not a port, a re-make and not the same game

morganfell3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

Does it matter? Early screens already show detail and texture far above the 360 version. The addition of coop levels, additional character, and far superior graphics take this beyond a port.

hhg and the question mark journalism = nothing worth seeing or listening to.

barom3488d ago

A remake is a remake. And they're "remaking" the game, hence it's a remake.

Also NGS was way better than NGB. The visuals are wayyy better, a few more weapons, new enemies (even more true on harder difficulty), new bosses, more game (w/ rachel) and even more important 60fps. Not sure if NGB had 60fps but it certainly did not feel as smooth as NGS. I also believe NGS had more missions in the mission mode as well.

Whatever NGB has that NGS doesn't, does NOT affect the game at all. These features are the intro movie, the old NG classics and a costume. And thats IT! NGS is the best version of NG1 by a mile.

WildArmed3488d ago

"HHG: A real author or a guy that just wants hits?"

Thats the next article out of lol

- Ghost of Sparta -3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

It was confirmed like 2 weeks ago that Sigma 2 isn't a port. The 360 version was wasn't even HD while the PS3 version is 1080p. It's not even running on the same engine.

God the Hip Hop Gamer show seriously sucks.

BkaY3488d ago

only one word came to my mind "HIPHOPGAMER".. lolz

n4f3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

First of all we all know that its HH flame bait show.
Second of all to people state that this is exclusive because :the name is different , the gfx had an update and other bonus were add than by this logic
dead rising wii is an exclusive to the wii and NOT a port?!?!? wtf
oh how about ff7 REMAKE ff fans want so bad its gonna have gfx with some bonus...
so to conclude it IS a port, same story, same character, same weapon and bonus for the ps3
still want to disagree well we could take ng1 and ngb if you want or ng1 with ngs or ngb with ngs.....

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theEnemy3488d ago

it's called Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2.

Not Ninja Gaiden 2 which was released on the 360 last year.

ultimolu3488d ago


Sigma 1 was a remake as well.

Unicron3488d ago (Edited 3488d ago )

"Quick, the game isn't out yet and we only have a few screenshots and a short vid! Let's rush forward to bash/defend the title! Let's play semantics games as to whether its a ZOMGBBQWTF true exclusive or not!" is basically what I see when I see "news" like this or about God of War 3.


This site makes me feel dirty.

hulk_bash19873488d ago

So id sey yes, da second iteration of it follows suit. And in regards to its quality, all signs as of recently point in a positive direction. Great (upgraded) visuals, exclusive content, 2 extra playable characters, and the most exciting feature Co-op play. Fall cant come any sooner.

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