Saving G4 - is it worth it?

It's easy to rip on G4 right now. Almost two years after the network bought out the (somewhat) beloved TechTV and they slowly but surely eliminated every trace of the tech oriented network. They canceled The Screensavers, losing industry icons Patrick Norton and Leo Laporte and replaced them with Kevin Rose and Sarah Lane. They didn't last long as the show was re-branded and Kevin and Sarah both left. Kevin Rose went on to found Digg and become a paper millionaire and Sarah Lane married a co-worker and is now wondering the Earth.

The folks at G4 weren't done. They then killed off other quality tech shows like Call for Help and replaced them with crappy Fox castoffs and "The Man Show". They did make a few good move by buying the rights to Star Trek and Star Trek:The Next Generation but then crapped all over it with the "2.0" experience. The 2.0 refers to adding message tickers, stock symbols, and small factoids to the screen which making watching the show a nightmare.

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r10004762d ago

HMM... this is the 2nd article coming out concerning g4...

I wonder if they're even aware of how crappy they've become?? Does this stuff/articles ever get to them??

calderra4762d ago

No save.

I would, hwoever, love a 24/7 Star Trek: TNG network, which is the only thing I bother checking out that channel for anymore.

And yes, "2.0" also sucks.
So stupid.

grifter0244762d ago

Sad to see a good station go down... Good job MTV for spreading your filth to other stations... Their is nothing on G4 anymore.. I use to watch it everyday now I dont even give it a second glance.. Only to see xplay and MOrgan Webb.... I think thats all the ratings the have is for people to see Adam and Morgan... HAHA I mean all it is is fox 2 now... Cops??? Wow I guess cops hase to do with something about gaming right?? Maybe they tackle a guy into a 360 or ps3 or something like that.. Cheaters and everything else.... soo sad Itll be a fine day when g4 gets ripped off the Air Waves and wonders what happen.... Kevin Olivia will probably never see a camera again unless they get in the way of Morgan and Adam LOL. Just look what happen to flo... and the white haired girl.. Thug I totally forgot their names.... LOL

uxo224762d ago

I use to be a big fan of Screen Savers, Fresh Gear, and Invent This. But, you know how it is, those college educated morons called executives think they know everything, and they tend NOT to listen to their employees or their audience.

Oh well, if they go away they have no one to blame but themselves.

specialguest4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

Get over it geeks, G4 cannot survive with geek viewers only, because in the TV world, it's all about ratings. That's why they had to evolve into something different.

If the original TechTV was so hot and great, then why did they had to sellout to begin with?

uxo224762d ago

And what is your actual point, to pointlessly run your mouth, or to actually say something that matters. Cause you drastically failed on the ladder.

Legionaire20054762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

What happen to pulse, Blister, g4tv, Judgement day and many other classics.They hijacked G4TV!!! for crying out loud!!!! Watch this guys!!! This is a tribute to all the cancellation shows of G4TV. The memories of a channel that died.

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