The PEOWW Conference: Two Worlds

To this day, PEOWW's biggest guilty gaming pleasure is Two Worlds. An Oblivion-esque RPG romp that justifiably took a lot of criticism due to a whole host of technical problems. It was released in a fairly shoddy state with a framerate that made EDF look silky, pop-up that seemed to spawn entire continents before your eyes and a crash rate that makes Burnout look a quiet sunday drive in the country. Despite the problems though there was a lot of fun to be had out of the game, especially if you had eight of you playing at once (and if you remembered to turn the grass textures off!) and while it wasn't a patch on Oblivion, the game it most closely resembles), the item handling and combat were probably a little better in Two Worlds.

It's not for everybody but a gang of you versus some giant trachidises made for a great gaming experience. A sequel, The Temptation, was announced some time ago and is one of PEOWW's most keenly awaited games so they had a quick chat with Reality Pump's CEO, Marik Dymek, to see what they have in store for them this time around.

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