TekCase protects and charges your DSi or DS Lite on the go

TeknoCreations is bringing a creative and useful charging solution for Nintendo DS and DSi gamers. The TekCase is a "protective polycarbonate shell" that not only provides protection of your DS Lite or DSi, but will also double as a back-up battery charger for your handheld system. Sounds great for long trips, or if you forget your DS/DSi AC adapter.

- Up to 2.5X Battery Life for the DS Lite
- Up to 3X Battery Life for the DSi
- Tough Polycarbonate Shell
- Charges Using Standard USB
- Comes with universal USB wall adapter

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Blacktric3484d ago

It's going to be one of the must buy 3rd party products for DS I think. Looks very sturdy (and sharper then DS's own case).