Official Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 character list

17 playable characters have been confirmed so far for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: Fusion. The action-RPG game releases in America in Autumn of this year on Wii, DS, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and PSP.

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terrandragon3484d ago

So far? So that means there might be MOAR?

Yi-Long3484d ago

... it seems like a kinda short list, so no doubt they'll be DLC-milking this again with additional characters. (and maybe even just costumes/skins)

celldomceen13484d ago

Loved the first ultimate alliance and im sure i will love this one also.

hitthegspot3484d ago

This will be a good game.

TwistedMetal3483d ago

I just want to play more games like this even though dc would probley suck. I liked the xmen games like this the most.