Off the Radar: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Console Monster writes: "Dave takes a look at his radar in search of Star Ocean: The Last Hope.

It's not uncommon to find games releasing in Japan and America first, though usually it's only by a day or two. For European Star Ocean fans, the wait for the fourth installment, The Last Hope, is becoming unbearable.

The game is already available in Japan and America, in fact, it's been available since February but why haven't we seen a European release date yet? Unfortunately, Square Enix – the game's publisher – has kept really quiet and has yet to give a reason..."

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Microsoft Xbox 3603510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

This game was destined to flop for it is an Xbox 360 exclusive held back by the scums of M$ and Yoichi Wada.

GameOn3510d ago

Why do you have to sound so butt-hurt all the time?

Shepherd 2143509d ago

how much is the toll for crossing your bridge?