Blizzard Working on New Redneck Rampage Shooter?

Following some investigation, IncGamers has learned that Blizzard Entertainment has secured the trademark rights to Redneck Rampage and this could be one of their two unannounced titles.

The Redneck games were originally released back in 1998 by Interplay and the trademark was subsequently acquired by Vivendi. The trademark has now been updated and is now 'active' under Blizzard's name.

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Medievaldragon3482d ago

Could be interesting if they start working on Activision and Universal IPs and adding expansions to them. Blizzard is working on five games at a time. Signs that Blizzard is growing pretty fast.

JsonHenry3482d ago

Lol, so game with the name REDNECK in it is not racist but RE5 is even though the horrible N word was never mentioned once? I love the hypocrisy!

Back on topic - Can't wait to play as a redneck again!

hitthegspot3482d ago

I hope they leave the truck and the swamp boats in it.

Elly3482d ago

The Rampage titles aren't my thing but It'd be interesting to see what a team with the resources available to Blizzard could do with a shooter.

LONEWOLF2313482d ago

lol, redneck rampage was hell'a fun.
Cant wait to try this out.

Raoh3482d ago

oh hell yea

i used to love that game

the commentary in the game were hilarious and getting drunk was funny too..

great game

Cartesian3D3482d ago

I really like the soundeffects for guns.. first time for FPS games that it feels real when you shoot ..

the atmosphere was good.. using vehicles in second chapter was innovative too.

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The story is too old to be commented.