Is FASA closing its doors?

With all the hype Microsoft is trying to generate around Shadowrun, you'd think team morale at FASA would be riding high. A thread on the official Shadowrun forums would seem to indicate otherwise. A poster by the name of Boomstick, claiming to be an employee of FASA, has declared that FASA is shutting its doors. Boomstick notes that FASA has serious human resource problems and poor management, mentioning several names in the process. He adds that Shadowrun brings nothing new to the FPS genre and is graphically subpar.

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FordGTGuy4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

The game that Microsoft has been raving about it just going to be canceled even though its close to release. Microsoft wouldn't allow this studio to go under and some disgruntled employee isn't going to change that.

The Lead Product Manager has closed the thread and called BS.

zonetrooper54764d ago

I very much doubt that as well, MS want this game to succed seeing as its one of the first cross patform game to be played online by the Xbox 360 and PC users.

BIadestarX4764d ago

I don't think they are closing their doors... They are probably changing their doors. Who knows maybe microsoft is purchacing their studio and they will soon be part of microsoft studio.

Covenant4764d ago

MS potentially buying FASA? That actually sounds more reasonable.

Methinks a disgruntled (former) employee has a large axe to grind.

DukeLeto4763d ago

Microsoft already owns FASA Interactive. Instead of pointing you towards Wikipedia, which is becoming so passe, how about... a link to the official Shadowrun website! Have a look at the logos at the bottom.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4763d ago

It just has that vibe to it and of what I played of Shadowrun it may be a good buy. I'm testing the Shadowrun beta and put some info up if any of you guys are interested.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4764d ago

fury like a former employee scorned.]:~(> Complete and utter BS!