Capcom explains why Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV did not release for Wii

A few days ago, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime posed questions about why Resident Evil 5 and other Capcom titles were not releasing for the Wii. Chris Kramer, communications director for Capcom, has answered Reggie's questions and explained that both RE5 and Street Fighter IV were developed "for high-definition graphics systems."

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farhsa20083510d ago

i could have told you that myself, the wii can't even handle the menu of RE5 so what chance does it have for the full game?

FerretWithASpork3510d ago

I agree, that seems like a very "uhh.. duhhh" question...

Genesis53510d ago

I'm not trying to be mean to the Wii but I didn't buy a 40" 1080p Sony Bravia to game in standard def.

nerubii3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

"i could have told you that myself, the wii can't even handle the menu of RE5 so what chance does it have for the full game? "

you don't even understand why people persist on having the game on the wii, what makes you think you understand more than others?

"I'm not trying to be mean to the Wii but I didn't buy a 40" 1080p Sony Bravia to game in standard def. "

yup okay.. you bought the tv to play sony games.

are you by any chance pissed by what i have just said? if you do believe you understand things better than i do, please refute.

STK0263510d ago

I think the Wii could not handle RE5, sure, they could downscale the graphics to the level of RE4Wii, which would be perfectly fine by me, the controls would also be better, in my opinion, as I didn't really like the controls in RE5. However, if I learned one thing from Dead Rising, it's that you can't have many decent looking enemies on screen AND a good draw distance at the same time on the Wii (atleast, they failed to achieve so in DR). RE5, from what I've played, peuts you against more enemies than in RE4, much more. Also, having a low draw distance in a survival horror game is a no no, I believe you know why.

Finally, a Wii game on a 40" + flatscreen TV is rather ugly. It simply is. I'd rather play on a CRT TV rather than on a LCD one, if it's a large screen. It's like when playing a PS2 game, the flaws aren't as evident on a non-HD TV.

There are my views on the subject, feel free to disagree with me.

Panthers3510d ago

I think it is because RE5 and SF4 are not full of mini games so it would not do well on the Wii. These are actual games, not a series of mini games so they belong on REAL consoles, not a toy.


the stories submitted to n4g are becoming more useless as the year unfolds

Maxned3510d ago

Then use the RE4 engine! Re4 sold 1.5 million and Umbrella Chronicles sold more than 1 million. Come on! It would be worth their time just to use an engine that they already have created, to sell AT LEAST 1 million on wii.

creamydingle3510d ago

As soon as they release a hd wii I will buy one but like other comments said i didnt spend heaps of money on my big hd tv to play standard def games.

ChickeyCantor3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

" think it is because RE5 and SF4 are not full of mini games so it would not do well on the Wii. These are actual games, not a series of mini games so they belong on REAL consoles, not a toy."


O and they are all "toys". "real" consoles...LMAO the delusion.

" i didnt spend heaps of money on my big hd tv to play standard def games."

This such a stupid thing to say, why do people pretend that when you have a HD tv you would only own a 360 or PS3?
Just because you have a HD tv doesn't mean you can't use it to DISPLAY your Wii rendered output?
Of course you use it for the Bluray and PS3/360, but saying "i didnt buy it for SD gaming" is just retarded. Its still a "tv" that displays your consoles output, who gives a F why anyone got a HD TV. This is NOT a reason to ditch the Wii.
Now if you said the games don't appeal to you or you don't like the motion controls, that would have been more of a legit reason.
But not "I HAVE HD TV SO I WONT TOUCH A Nintendo.

Lifendz3510d ago

I'd assume the Wii owners that want RE5 or SF4 already own a PS3 or 360. If you honestly bought a Wii expecting it to be a system that would get RE5 and SF4 then you should sell it and pick up a PS3 or 360.

STK0263510d ago

I agree with most of what you said, however, playing the Wii on a large to very large HDTV (let's say 42" and over) doesn't really show the game on a good light. All of it's visual flaws are more visible than ever. Like I said, it's like playing your PS2 on it, it will display of course, but what you'll see won't be looking very good, the textures, the aliasing, etc.

IMO, when playing on a lrge display, Wii games will actually look better on a SDTV than on a HDTV. However, on medium sized ones, playing on a HDTV at 480p can also be very nice.

ChickeyCantor3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

" doesn't really show the game on a good light"
I understand and acknowledge this, however, just because one owns a HD tv is seriously not a reason to shun those games that have potential when it comes to "gameplay". Yes visuals can "help" that immersion but that doesn't always have to be the case.

At home I have a SD in my room and HD in the living room, I play my wii games on my SD tv(and PS3 on my HD tv), but once i have my own HD TV hell i'll hook up my N-system allong with my PC( playing pc games as it should on a freaking big TV, o and emulation xD)...Seriously i won't ditch the Wii just because i have a HD tv. It just seems illogical.

I remember an article that people actually like bigger screens for the Wii because it gives more immersion( yeah i know sounds weird, but it happens to be so xD)

RemmM3509d ago

The Wii's hardware is TOO Wiik. Obviously it can't handle those intense graphics.

creamydingle3509d ago

"This such a stupid thing to say, why do people pretend that when you have a HD tv you would only own a 360 or PS3?"

The reason I brought a 52" HD TV was not to watch TV Shows not to watch dvds or Blu Rays The reason for me was so I could play ps3 and 360 in HD. When I first got a 360 I did not have a HD tv and really could not see the difference from my ps2 that is when I brought my first HD tv and what a difference I could finally see the value of a HD console. I have seen a ps2 and a friends wii playing on my tv and they look horrible for me I cant go back to SD gaming I am not shunning the wii i play it a friends places and will buy one when it goes a least 720p. You are the one who says stupid things with statements like that I think its time for you to buy a HD tv its obvious you do not own one then you to would see the beauty of HD gaming.

CommonSense3509d ago

i was expecting like..jesus returned to earth to tell them not to do it. or there was some government conspiracy.
I never could have expected it to be this crazy! i refuse to believe it. it's can't be. you mean it's cuz the wii can't do HD??? someone should have this person killed because this is definitely information nobody should be hearing.

pixelsword3509d ago

he said his "PSN" saying his name is spydiggity, but he never answered me when I wrote him on the PS3 (because he doesn't *own* a PS3) and then got "upset" because I told him my response to him was waiting for him on the PS3. He's nothing but a multiple account holder on N4G.

ChickeyCantor3509d ago (Edited 3509d ago )

" I am not shunning the wii i play it a friends places and will buy one when it goes a least 720p"

LOL you aren't shunning it? right.

" I think its time for you to buy a HD tv its obvious you do not own one then you to would see the beauty of HD gaming."

Your stupidity amazes me, I own a HD TV.
But thats not a reason to shun the Wii.

You are saying the same thing in the post before that, i have no need to repeat my self, my statement stands.

creamydingle3509d ago

LMAO sidar if you really owned a HD tv you would understand but since you are stuck in the SD era you will miss out. I like many other people will enjoy HD gaming while you live in your SD is good enough fantasy world LMAO again and again at you.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603510d ago

Resident Evil 5 could work with RE4 graphics and the control scheme. It's not like Wii gamers care for good graphics anyway.

ChampIDC3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

This is true, but would it actually sell enough to be worth it? Who knows what they'd have to do to scale it down enough to get it running on the Wii. It could just not be worth doing for Capcom.

Microsoft Xbox 3603510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

I really think RE5 would do and sell well on the Wii. If it's going to be anything like RE4, it's a winner.

theEnemy3510d ago

Or they don't expect a game with good graphics landing on their console either. :)

7thNightvolley3510d ago

Of them even trying to even ask for Res5 or street fighter4.. on that toy they call a console, totally ridiculous. lmao.

SinnedNogara3510d ago

True. Or they could make a engine based on the Wii's true specs, which is three Xboxes.

Street Fighter IV could be ported using the Tatsunoku vs. Capcom engine. The Wii can run that, and from what I've seen it looks pretty good.

Now what they really need to do is release BIONIC COMMANDO (2009) and make the Resident Evil Classics motion controls actually help with the shooting.

Ivix3510d ago

2.4: Let's be honest. All 3 consoles are toys. Not belittling them or anything, but they exist to play games on.

RememberThe3573510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

You do not realize how far gaming has come, have you. The only thing keeping the toy stigma around video games is the word "games". If we called them "interactive entertainment", people wouldn't look at them as toys anymore.

The fact that I have to explain this makes me question your gamerness.

N4g_null3507d ago

RememberThe357 the fact that you believe what you just said makes me think you are 14. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't won't to play any thing you suggest either. It also explains why these two games did not sell to most of the HD gamers.

Resident Evil 5 sold about 3million on HD systems. When you put them together.

Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition sold about half of that 1.5 million and it has already been released on two other systems.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles sold guess what so far 1.26million.

That is crazy huh? You would think more hardcore gamers would get it on the HD systems right? But so far the HD console break down like this.

Resident Evil 5 PS3 1.53m
Resident Evil 5 xbox 360 1.35m

What the hell! The Wii numbers are so close to the HD numbers and on top of that the wii has two res evil games that are based on game play rather than graphics.

The Wii is the classic neo geo VS SNES argument. Some things will get dropped but mostly the game can still be enjoyed on the lower system.

The whole Wii is trash or is a toy is coming from the view of an elitist. Console gaming has always been about down grades and upgrades in game play or fun.

I'd love to see capcom do a res evil sequel for the Wii only and then see which game ends up on the trade in market?

Street Fighter IV PS3 0.94m
Street Fighter IV xbox 360 0.82m

both games barely sell over 10k units a month now after 2 months on the market almost. OUCH! What hell is wrong with the HD console gamers! Why are you guys not buying these games and then screaming the Wii is a toy, well are these games toys to you? Are they just not good enough?

I mean really the games look good on HDtvs but you could also argue not many HD console are hooked up to HD tvs. Every one knows the HD tvs sits in the living room and dad paid for it and then think, how many hardcore gamers are dads and how many will still spend hours fighting some one in a cartoon like SF4? I would wager not many because SF4 is not a casual core game you will wipe the floor many many times till you get good.

Any one can sit some where and snipe but to fight online is like exposing your self to a real SF tournament.

I believe Wii onwers like this type of test simply because mario kart has sold over 12 million or so copies while countless skill-less reviewers claimed it was unfair and they would never play it. Now why would the casual gamers play this? They wouldn't and if they did they wouldn't be casual very long if they wanted to compete.

Can SF or REs evil 5 get that many people to buy their games, maybe maybe not. Yet if they never port it then they get 0. I've shown they can get almost the same amount of copies bought but just making a good Wii game.

In the end I wouldn't want a port in a prefect world I would rather a revision or console port. I mean this in a good way. To those that played double dragon on the XLB you know what the arcade version of that game looks like yet double dragon 2 on the NES crushes it. That right there is the console effect. There was no way in hell the snes was suppose to do turtles in time yet large parts that made the game fun a pretty made it to the game.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom show capcom can make a pretty SF game for the Wii. They have a few engines now that can make the Wii look pretty good yet this is the point they don't have a ton of competition, yet but that is happening as we speak.

The only real reason why you don't want these games on the Wii is because you
A) hate capcom and believe they are crapcom
b) you don't want to see what a Wii with hardcore AAA efforts would do to HD console sales.

I understand you concern because if they make these games and other for the Wii hardcore gamers will buy them. The same happened with res evil 4 on the powerful GC and the mpeg1 like port to the PS2, yes it was that bad. It didn't matter people still bought it. I think capcom will figure this all out and actually their mind is already made up. The games listed where planned many years ago now tell me what is coming out from capcom for the HD consoles in the next year? ........ that's a lot of silence. Come on even I can tell you what is coming out try harder!.... more silence well I don't blame you I'm not looking forward to those HD games either.

Maybe Capcom should just make games on the "toy" system since most of you don't play games. You seem to want a sim with ok art. I've yet to see a HD game truly realize what HD resolution could really do on the consoles. This will not be a problem for the PC scenes it is not even close to being a toy. I will be getting SF4 for the PC with a classic arcade stick. I also look forward to another resident evil sequel on the Wii.

You guys may not like the remakes but if they can some how make them fun then I'm all for it and also the series deserves better than what the HD market has given it so far.

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ape0073510d ago

to make the game more intense,more believable,more dynamic,more impressive,make the action feels like a movie,detailed characters,immersion,effects,l ighning,etc....That is next gen

delevering those two on wii will not be as good

graphics are importnat and so is the development team

good dev+good tech=no need to go back to an underpowered system

nerubii3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

to make the game SEEM more intense(ask yourself this, what makes it intense?), more believable(i agree with this partially), more dynamic(graphically dynamic, limited. limitless dynamic real-time non-lag would require more than super computer), more impressive(lol graphically AGAIN.), make the action seem like a movie(i agree with this partially. your movie is those live-action movies excluding animation. sad.), detailed characters(do you observe the arse more than game?), immersion(lol... don't you think this is meant for the wii? oh come on..), effects(graphical only. do you need the effects to continue the game? you seem to need this so-called urge to continue on), lightning(you meant lighting?), that is current-gen graphics.

"graphics are importnat and so is the development team"
well it is important to you only. whenever you go out of your room, anywhr away from TV, you will start wearing shades.

"good dev+good tech=no need to go back to an underpowered system "
good dev does not need overpowered system. good tech does not define a game.

KarateExplosion3510d ago

Why dont you go play pong or something that doesnt need good graphics at all. Since you dont like detail.... I bet you have a bunch of VHS tapes... Seriously.

I am sorry but i am not gonna be scared of a zombie on Atari
Why? Lack of detail and lack of graphics. One of the things that makes Street Fighter so impressive is its crisp in Depth art style.

nerubii3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

wow! u mean you need to see the "scary" details on the zombies to be scary? it has to be zombies? else not scary? it has to look scary to be scary? lol.

"mom.. are zombies scary?"
"yes my dear. they will bite you if you look close enough."

try harder.

"mom.. i wanna play ghostbuster. is it too scary?"
"no my dear. i can play with you."

erm as i said its best for you not to comment if you do not know anything about mh3. i suggest u buck up your socks for your history test.

TheMART3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Yes we all know a supercharged Gamecube in a new case can't run real games.

Whats new? Only a few exeptions where they cut colours and other fancy stuff, like Madworld, special made for the Wii works, like HotD: Overkill as an arcadehall experience works also with the Wiimote as a gun.

But overall the system stinks and is used all around the world just for the game that runs Wiisports that comes with the package or the super seller WiiFit for fat mums and lazy sisters.

Thats about it. Oh yeah and emulating Duck Hunt is fun. With the new HDD USB loader though the system became a bit more interesting again.

@ the one below

Yes HDD USB loader, 2.0 with the newest cIOS rev9 instead of the standard 1.1 protocol

Microsoft Xbox 3603510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

Wait wait wait..................., HD USB loader? Ooohhhh.

Microsoft Xbox 3603510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

BTW I can finally agree with you TheMart. LOL

TheMART3510d ago

You should allways agree with me, because I am allways right.

Good to see in the end you saw the light my friend. Be sure to become a fan of me by tracking MART all over N4G.

Microsoft Xbox 3603510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

All I can say is thanks. This is wonderful news.

nerubii3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

@TheMART at Xboxkings

"But overall the system stinks and is used all around the world just for the game that runs Wiisports that comes with the package or the super seller WiiFit for fat mums and lazy sisters."

come on.. tell me you are smarter than this.

LOL! you check wii newz?!!? im surprised!


"wii is garbage.Nintendo lucked out this gen thats all I have to say.we all know next gen that gimmped controller is not going to be the driving force behind sales for Nintendo."

no wonder losers always gamble. you know why? they believe in luck more than winning. sad truth. you are a good example.

SinnedNogara3510d ago

If you don't like the Wii, why are you in the Wii section!! GET OUT!!

TheMART3510d ago

"come on.. tell me you are smarter than this."

Well its the truth and the sales numbers are proving it so were did I go wrong? Point me out please, here is your proof:

Wii Sports and WiiFit sell more then Halo 3. Why? Wii Sports is integrated with every Wii, many people only playing that buying no games. Wiifit is because fat mums and lazy sisters think they get a real workout... Too freaking funny, they end up even fatter and lazier because they drink coke and eat chips while jumping on the plate instead running outside in the park.

Didn't you hear the news that Madworld, just released, one of the better games on the Wii doesn't sell? That they already dropped the price to 20 pounds in UK to get SOME sales? You know this, right?

"LOL! you check wii newz?!!? im surprised! "

Uh yes... I read all gamenews. Gamer for about 25 years, seen many systems, had many systems, interested in everything. Plus owning a Wii. Why is the question, but I just had to check it out and softmod it for the emu's for NES/SNES etc...

nerubii3510d ago

you mentioned its the truth so lets track back some stuff..
"WiiFit for fat mums and lazy sisters."

oops i didnt mean it. don't scold me!

so the system "stinks" because of MadWorld?? LOL??
Low MadWorld sales = wii stinks
are you by any chance still in an elementary school?

yup. its because of the above inconsistency thats why my reaction. it is that simple yet you cant seem to comprehend. srls.. my gosh.

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