Fallout Online in the future?

Interplay Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Herve Caen had this to say:

"We are looking forward to turning the vision of our game designers into a compelling online gaming experience. The planning and design completed for Project: V13 thus far, combined with Masthead's resources, tools, and growing team of dedicated MMOG developers, will bring this unique game to reality."

Masthead President Atanas Atanasov said;

"This arrangement is ideal because it leverages the technology our professionals have specifically built for advanced Massively Multiplayer Online Games into what we expect will be a groundbreaking Interplay gaming title."

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CrAppleton3483d ago

More great news for MMO fans. I'd especially like to see something come of the Fallout Universe

Neco5123483d ago

wow, there have been a lot of announcements surrounding mmos lately.

CrAppleton3483d ago

Yeah there has..makes you wonder why the sudden increase in MMO news?

JsonHenry3483d ago

I would like to see a GOOD MMO come to consoles. Especially if it can be done cross-platform. I am not sure if that is even possible (I mean, it IS possible, but not sure how Sony/MS would feel about it).

It would be a fantastic day for gamers if such a thing came to be.

Andronix3483d ago

I'm currently playing Fallout 3 and I am really enjoying it and playing in a nuke-ravaged Washington. However I would really really love an Elder Scrolls (Oblivion) online, as this fantasy world would be perfect for it.

ua7p4h3483d ago

hmmm. that would be really cool.

MacGyver133483d ago

So much good news for MMO's and i am stoked about every update that comes around especially after the 360 article from yesterday

Tony P3483d ago

First, I don't like MMOs. I don't like buying discs then paying a subscription to access content. I don't like that if I stop paying, my $30-$50 discs become instantly worthless (I should know, I have enough boxes sitting around). It took me fifteen different games to come to that decision.

That said, I'm not sure if I would welcome a Fallout MMO or not. As it stands, I'm for it as long as single-player Fallouts aren't completely abandoned. I just can't play MMOs.

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Spolodaface3483d ago

I still need to comlete Fallout 3. Lost all my saves a while ago 25 hours in :(

CrAppleton3483d ago

Wow.. IDK what to tell you there.. bummer :(

JsonHenry3483d ago

Just start over and play a totally different way than you did before. It is totally possible to do a ton of stuff that you looked over the first time around.

TrevorPhillips3483d ago

wooow look all the good news about MMO games huh such as Fable MMO, LOTRO coming to 360, World of Warcraft also coming to consoles, this is the best news ive heard in my life, lets just wait now till E3 im excited XD

CrAppleton3483d ago

No doubt.. great news for MMO fans! I can't wait either

Neco5123483d ago

This is excellent news for any kind of rpg fan, i know im looking forward to it

CrAppleton3483d ago

I wonder how they'd set the world up for it.. bunch of radioactive freeks running around? haha

STONEY43483d ago

I read about this back around the time when Fallout 3 came out. Speaking of Fallout 3, I need to finish it... I have over 100 hours in it and I still haven't completed the story.

ParanoidMonkey3483d ago

I've never played an MMO before, but one set in the Fallout universe has day 1 purchase written all over it as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully since it's Interplay it'll be more Fallout 1 and 2 and less like 3 (not that I don't like 3...).

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