Sony: MAG Not "an Iteration of SOCOM"

Last week at GDC, SCEA's John Koller said that MAG is "basically like an iteration of SOCOM".

Cindy Bowens, the community manager at SCEA clarifies the above comment made last week, "I wanted to clarify that this is a misstatement. MAG is a brand new IP and is unrelated to SOCOM."

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ChampIDC4933d ago

Well, the guy did say it's "basically like an iteration of SOCOM", which doesn't mean it's not an new IP. Gotta love how people don't read the whole statement before reacting.

ChampIDC4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Disagrees? Maybe you guys don't understand what I meant. I could say the original Unreal Tournament is "like" Quake 3, but that doesn't stop them from being different games. Just because they're similar doesn't mean they're not different.

The statement didn't seem wrong at all, as the original devs are making this one. I'm sure it'll be a lot like SOCOM, as it's a similar concept but on a much larger scale.

sonarus4932d ago

An iteration means next number. So that basically means sequel

Regardless of what it is, i just hope zipper can make MAG a massively awesome game. I wonder if there will be vehicles. It looks like there will be planes but will the planes be controllable? I also remember seeing screen shots with parachutes.

I also hope they can bring us an original shooter experience. The fps genre is over saturated so we need games that do a little bit more

FlameBaitGod4932d ago

How the hell can u compare quake 3 to unreal tournament

cLiCK_sLiCK94932d ago

Am i the only one disappointed in MAG? The game looks great and all with 256 players online, but its another FPS. Thats pretty much a big letdown for me. Im tired of playing FPS. Same thing over and over.

But then again, we still don't much about the so I shouldn't judge this game based on what we know.

Im still giving this a game a chance. I just hope Zipper decides to to add a Third Person option. Thats all.

Beardown824932d ago

Seriously?!? This should be your lift from the monotony of FPS games. You have never played any game on this scale. I don't understand what everyone expects from FPS games. That is what they are...First Person Shooters. If you want RPG first person shooters there is fallout an oblivion. There are other genres. If you want something fresh, I heard nintendo is coming out with wii sports 214...have fun.

ChampIDC4932d ago

You guys seem to miss the word "like" in there if you think he meant it's actually another iteration...

lsujester4931d ago


You have to understand that currently too many people replace their reading time with videogame time. Metaphors and similes are just too complicated for the modern day gamer.

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Microsoft Xbox 3604933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Good. I really hope Zipper remakes Socom 2 in HD after MAG.


KZ2 ENGINE for teh winz (ORGAnSM) good .

Bits-N-Kibbles4931d ago

that is brilliant! socom II remade in HD, nothing changed, for like $15 on PSN that would sell like hot cakes, hell, just put the original on PSN and it would sell, lol

mugoldeneagle034933d ago

They all said "Zipper's gonna change it to a Socom name, just wait and see", but I mean why? If they changed it...

1) It would just be a way of Sony saying Socom Confrontation is a huge failure

2) Socom Confrontation sales wouldn't sell at all

3) The Socom fanbase would be even more upset knowing they purchased a game that would mean nothing if M.A.G. did indeed change it's name to Socom ________

Smart move for both Sony and Zipper.

Ju4932d ago

Don't think they will ever name this Socom. That would block the way for a new Socom build on Confrontation with a single player campaign, which I am sure we'll see sooner or later. Confrontation is not bad by any means (despite what some fangirls want to make it look like),it has a great potential for a story driven campaign. The visuals can easily match most of the games out there, I would love to see a single player add on there. MAG will be online only, right? If 256 players is their key IP, then single player does not make sense in MAG. Which is fine. Its and FPSMMOG.

Montrealien4932d ago

MAG will not be an iteration of Socom, that's as clear as day. It is a brand new IP from Zipper though. So whether you think it will be Socom or not, people that know (socom fanbase) will See MAG as its spiritual successor no matter what.

Everything zipper learned from making Socom for all these years will be in this game. It may have a different name, but at the end of the day, if Zipper is making an online focused military team base shooter, it will have socom written all over it. Kinda like Timesplitters had Goldeneye written all over it. It was not Goldeneye, but but man did it feel like it was Goldeneye on Next gen consoles.

TrevorPhillips4933d ago

well it looks like socom just online and with over 256 players online and one thing i missed good graphics

mugoldeneagle034933d ago

"just online and with over 256 players online and one thing i missed good graphics"

Um. Yeah that and it's basically an MMO. The 256 players are divided into 8 squads which are each lead by chosen leaders based off of individual character advancement. Chain of command also goes higher than Squad leaders. The character development is also based off of customization and speciializing.

So yeah, nothing close to Socom actually...Completely new IP

raztad4932d ago

Are you sure about that?

I'm not into the MMO thing but can you put 256 players at the same time on the same map, fighting each other in a MMO?. I very much doubt this game is gonna be like a MMO, Sony already has the Agency and other MMO projects in development to fill that gap.

mugoldeneagle034933d ago

"MW: 2 to out do M.A.G.?"
"Zipper to create another mess?"
"Bungie Dev says M.A.G. possible on 360?"
"Anything with M.A.G. and a question mark..?"


Microsoft Xbox 3604933d ago (Edited 4933d ago )

Oh, the irony.

It's not genious, it's genius.

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