MS: "DMC 4 was first, Final Fantasy and MGS will be next"

Boris Schneider-Johne, Xbox Product Manager of Microsoft Germany, today hints at his blog, called dreisechtig.net (German for threesixty), that Devil May Cry 4 may only be the first of three exclusive PS3-games coming also to Xbox 360.

On his blog, he posted the following phrase:

"One down, two to go"

Followed by the names of three games: Devil May Cry (striked), Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid.

It is unknown if this is only a personal wish of Schneider-Johne, or that maybe Microsoft has more surprise for us coming soon. But now Devil May Cry 4 has made the final step, nothing seems to be unthinkable anymore.

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smeg0rz6274d ago

Love to see an xbox try and run FFXIII ... haha

Id be buying it on my ps3, not my 360 ROFL. 360 version be on about 12 DVDS hahaha

FordGTGuy6274d ago

Your an Idiot. Now someone has.

Syko6274d ago

That sounds just like all the things you guys said about DMC4. Strange

DC RID3R6274d ago

"white" engine was created for multiplatform use bro :]

n4g sucks6274d ago

interesting. i wonder how the 360 port would work. ff13 will have hours of high def cg animation and will definitely make use of the blue ray disc( mgs4 too). will future ports be dumbed down and shrunk????

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devv056274d ago

Kill the PS3. An Xbox Product Manager wouldn't tell lies, would he? Anyway, I wouldn't be surprised.

GaMr-6274d ago (Edited 6274d ago )


Original blog: http://www.dreisechzig.net/...

"Yes, this is just a personal checklist of franchises that I and plenty of others would like to see on Xbox 360. In no way, shape or form is that an announcement list, an internal Microsoft shopping list, a “I know more than you do” list or something like that."

Somebody in an english-language forum called this “a gloating employee” and he maybe is right. And I’ve seen suggestions that GTA and Tekken should be on this list too - so your mileage will inevitably vary."

TheMART6274d ago

Ah well Gamr

I think this guy is right on. Personal list or not.

MGS4 is 3rd party from Konami. Metal Gear Solid Snake was a MSX-2 exclusive a long time ago. MGS2 has been released on the original XBOX

Final Fantasy. 3rd party also. He isn't saying strange things. The PS3 isn't a viable platform yet to release games on and earn enough. So many former PS exclusives will come over to the 360.

Especially when you see that Gears sold over 4 million copies on 11 million 360 users. THat's HUGE

Over 14 games now sold at least one, and some even two million copies at least. That's HUGE again

Many games will follow. Many. More then you think of at this moment... Mark my words

XxZxX6274d ago

MSG4 will eventually make it but i believe they should be time exclusive. The real interesting is how Sony going to react to this. I am curious about what their countermoves of this. Chances of them just sit there and do nothing is pretty high.

devv056274d ago (Edited 6274d ago )

Yes the message has been updated, maybe the big bosses in the US didn't like his post or it really is his personal list. Who knows, at least the Xbox 360 owners have something new to hope for, now DMC 4 has been confirmed ;)

I still think it's worth posting, it's a pretty big thing he is saying.