Top 5 classic JRPG's XBLA needs

Surprisingly the Xbox 360 has a robust range of JRPG's included in its line-up. From Lost Odyssey to Star Ocean 4 (which EU/AUS, are still waiting for…), Microsoft have secured some great examples of the genre in the form of retail releases. Unfortunately, Xbox Live Arcade is devoid of the same line-up, it seems JRPG's don't have a place on the online service.

With many classic games sprouting up on XBLA, it is a strange situation we find ourselves in when not a single one is a JRPG. If we were to see some Japanese Role playing goodness, what games would you include? I have compiled a list of 5 games that are not only stand outs of the genre, but actually have a chance of one day gracing Microsoft's platform.

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XboxOZ3605053d ago

Never been keen on JRPG's, but after digging up links for this it had me reading more info on them. Has opened my eyes a little more than before, and might just give one a go soon.

It would be great if XBLA did get these games, only time will tell. Hopefully games like this will see the light of day on the platform - eventually

gamesmaster5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

Landstalker: The Treasure of King Nole, was a gem, i had completely forgotten about this game until this article. i might dig out the old megadrive and give it a go :)

gaminoz5053d ago

When I had my PS2 I really tried to get into Final Fantasy. I did for awhile but eventually got bored. Didn't really like ANY RPG until Oblivion, which I love. I guess I'm more western RPG if anything.

My son, on the other hand, loved Lost Odyssey (though it got too long for him) and seems quite happy with Japanese RPGs.

Immortal Kaim5053d ago

Yeah... Why doesn't Xbox Live have a single RPG? Doesn't PSN have classic PS1 RPG's or is that only on the Japanese store?

lloyd_wonder5053d ago

The PSN is also devoid of such games. I wouldn't expect the likes of FFVII- IX anytime soon, but some notables PSN does have are Suikoden 1, and Xenogears (Japan.)

I guess that's a start... Pretty unsurprised by the lack of publishers' interest in reviving old Jrpg's for XBLA or PSN. As, the genre isn't too viable these days.

Immortal Kaim5053d ago

Man that is a disappointment.

Looking at some of the sales of these classic RPG's I think they are viable on both platforms, more so than some of the crap they currently put up...

Superfragilistic5053d ago (Edited 5053d ago )

I also agree with Landstalker and FF6.

It does make me wonder why MS, so keen to make a dent in Japan, hasn't actively courted these games just like they have the Japanese shooters.

Although I guess 800pts for a ten hour game is much better deal than 800pts for a 40hr game for somebody?! ... Not naming names, just puttin that out there... hehe

Godem5053d ago

Seiken Densetsu 3 is missing from the list!!! :(

Square should really do an official english port of that game, it would sell like hot cakes..

nice list all round though.

regarding the PSN - When The Hell is Austalia going to get Wild Arms available to purchase!??!?

ExcelKnight5053d ago

I guess Secret of Mana is the placeholder game for the entire franchise...

As for Wild ARMs, you can download it from the US PSN and play it on an AUS/PAL PS3 without any problems.

Highatus5053d ago

Terranigma across all platforms should be released, if not i'd buy it on whichever platform it did release on in a heartbeat. The rest i still have my cartridges for.

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The story is too old to be commented.