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Jinxstar4921d ago

Holy sweet awesome sauce batman.

I think it's cool too =D

mugoldeneagle034921d ago

FPS instead of Zippers classic choice of Third Person? That really surprises me.

Unlike most Socom fan's I'm completely faithful that they'll deliver with M.A.G. Can't wait to see more info. So far the screens and even the art work look good.

I think the most underappreciated feature in Zippers past games were map layouts. The level design was perfect, even in the Socom 3/CA maps we hated.

Hopefully we get more info before E3

na2ru14921d ago

with hardly any comprise in visual quality. MAG FTMFW!

Fox014921d ago

Looking good so far. Don't forget that the game's going to have 256 players online!

LoVeRSaMa4921d ago

I would expect this game to be focusing on gameplay more then GFX, but it seems they are doing a great job on both sides which has impressed me.

I am still very curious to how this 256 players will be achieved, I will be picking the game up to see how they have done it.

gj Socom team.

Immortal Kaim4921d ago

The concept of 256 players is great, as someone else pointed out, the level design and objective based gameplay will have to be top-notch to sustain those types of numbers (which I'm sure it will be).

Microsoft Xbox 3604921d ago

Only possible on the PS3.

Left and right, we have PS3 games breaking technical boundaries never before seen on consoles. Can't say the same for the primitive machine also known as the Xbox 360.

Owning a 360 is useless at this point.

Chris3994921d ago

but I honestly didn't expect the game to look this good. Online games usually take a hit in terms of graphics. MAG looks really polished, especially considering the 256 players that are going to be running around blowing sh*t up all over the place.

Verdict = buy!!!

Jamegohanssj54921d ago

Ugh FPS? Damnit! I am tired of FPS's. Also I wonder if these are early screenshots as they still need some polishing done to it. The smoke and fire screen looks cool.


killax35634921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Hate to be negative but the maps look too damn crowded.

The maps in Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 look much bigger and those games "only" accomodate 64 players.

I hope the 256 player maps are much bigger with vehicles. Vehicles are a must. I don't want to walk everwhere.

ps- great find. thanks for posting.

Super-Brad4921d ago

This reminds me of warhawk just unscaled in size.

gaffyh4921d ago

@killax - yeh but the annoying thing about warhawk is that it takes forever to find someone to kill cos the maps are too big. I guess these guys are taking lessons from that

TheRealSpy4921d ago

it looks like a source mod.

graphics aren't top notch, but still solid looking.

Montrealien4921d ago

this is the true Soccom sequel, and its looking damn good.

emitsomla4921d ago


Mainman4921d ago

Is this gonna be an FPS?

I was hoping it would be TPS, I was really looking forward to this game, but if it turns out to be an FPS I most probably wont buy it.

Seriously, enough with the FPS's.

Pixel_Addict4921d ago

Looks like Battlefield on sterioids and crack. There a cool futuristic look to some of the soldiers! I am really excited for this game! I hope they change the name though. MAG? I can already hear fanboys snickering.

4921d ago
4921d ago

anyways, whatr does mag stand for?


anyone know? glossy bubble for you if you tell me

SoapShoes4921d ago

Stands for Massive Action Game. Anyway who says this isn't third person? Maybe it's both, like Socom? Only this time you can see the gun in first person.

Dark General4921d ago (Edited 4921d ago )

Do not want. No more FPS's for me. If it was third person i'd be cool with it.

CrimsonFox134921d ago

Yeah, it does look a bit crowded. But damn, that looks amazing. I can't wait to parachute into a hot battlefield! Really hope tanks and vehicles will be drivable. I saw them in the pictures, but no one was driving them!

SaberEdge4921d ago

I think the graphics are pretty impressive and with the makers of Socom behind it I am sure it will be awesome.

gaffyh4921d ago

@Mainman - I'm guessing it's both.

@Exclusivegamer - M.A.G. = Massive Action Game

sharpened sense4921d ago

I am personally more excited for this game then any other.

y0haN4920d ago

Don't worry about gameplay.. it's Zipper. After MAG releases I hope they take a look at Confrontation and make it less crappy :D

FragMnTagM4920d ago

What the hell is up with the laser like bullet trails. That to me ruins how beautiful the rest of the scenery looks. Seriously look at the screens again an tell me the bullet trails don't look like lasers. Other than that, this game looks great and am looking forward to it. Hopefully there is a demo first.

shawnsl654920d ago (Edited 4920d ago )

Frag, it seems to be an alpha build. I'll buy this and put my killzone 2 to rest, ONLY if it supports a keyboard and mouse (and of course if the game mechanics are top notch). Until then, we'll have to wait and see. Yesterday I put my Counter-Strike to rest after 9 years of playing it. R.I.P. (reason: my video card got fried, not gonna buy another card til SC2 comes out).

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Perjoss4921d ago

Nice graphics, not amazing, but considering that this game is supposedly LOTS of players on the same map at once that changes everything. I like the character models. I used to play a fps called joint operations on the pc which had 150 person multiplayer, it had its glitches but overall was an amazing game, the scale just felt so epic, I hope mag can do something similar.

PrimordialSoupBase4921d ago

For 250 players, it looks good enough. It definitely needs a better name, though.

C_SoL4921d ago

I'm Panamanian and they're making a level in Panama.

That's G

B-Real2064921d ago

After careful consideration I've decided that these are just project renderings and not actual screen shots.

Baka-akaB4921d ago

oh god... here we go again with "killzone 2 like it's not the real game" arguments

Chris3994921d ago

CGI/ target renders do not have jaggies.

In any event, the game looks really good. I imagine it will have dedicated servers and thus play just as well to boot.

Troll harder next time.

Pixel_Addict4921d ago

Take your stupid fanboy comments somewhere else. Go to joystiq, they love a$$-hats like you.

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TrevorPhillips4921d ago

I'm guessing this game will own Battlefield with the online but what u guys think?

sak5004921d ago

Yes i'm sure since these guys have had a franchise since 2002 with such diverse periods like vietnam, WWII, Future 2142, present Battlefield2, consoles games like BF:MC and BF:BC /sarc

Shane Kim4921d ago

I think sak500 should stfu since all that jealousy is making my screen go green.

ChampIDC4921d ago

It'll be hard to trounce a big franchise like Battlefield, but hey, you never know.

Monkey5214921d ago

How do diverse time periods make better games?

TheBand1t4921d ago

I don't think it'll be a Battlefield killer if that is what you're implying.

El Alamein in BF1942 with massive air battles overhead and massive tank battles on the ground is hard to beat.

Not to mention the intense urban, jungle, and air fighting in BF Vietnam.

StephanieBBB4921d ago

Theoreticly, more players on the battlefiled = More realistic battle scenarios.

But this theory can also go out the MF windown concidering that this is a game and some/most people will be playing it like thier the terminator and don't give a rats a** about teamwork.

So lets see how zipper can overcome the clusterF**k that 256 players can end up in without proper gameplay mechanics.

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Panthers4921d ago

Am I the only one who thinks these look aweful? First of all, if MAG is a FPS then that is a no buy for me. I am sick of FPS games. I was hoping for more of a Socom feel.

But these screens do not look that great at all.

Why dis4921d ago

What you said is the reason all the gamers in here are spewing their forced praise.