SOCOM: Confrontation 1.50 Update

In addition to Tournaments, Clan Ladders and the Calendar, the team at Slant Six has been busy adding new community requested features to the 1.50 update. The following items have been confirmed for the 1.50 update with additional items to come.

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LukaX233578d ago

Agreed. But it shows the developers are still dedicated to keeping their word by supporting their latest flop. Let's see if they can manage to make SOCOM shine again.

Shane Kim3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Is this game worth the money? Is it fun to play and are there many people playing it?

And to be fair Luxa, it wasn't the same developers developing Confrontation as the other SOCOM's. Maybe that's the reason this game was worse.

Tapewurm3578d ago

I really don't understand all the hate for this game. I really enjoy it. Somedays I will play Socom and others I throw in Killzone 2...and on others I will throw in Resistance 2....all great games and fun to play.... I have CoD 4 and 5 and prefer the 3 games listed above over them as well...but still play the 2 call of duty games on occasion as well. The PS3 has the best shooters period. And in my opinion the absolute best first party titles bar none.

mugoldeneagle033577d ago

Yes the game launched missing tons of features
Yes the game had pretty bad connection problems
Yes there have been tons of updates

But each update has made the game much better. After 1.5 is released there are three things missing that will make the game great:

1) More maps
2) PMN Mines
3) The Clan Tournament system

And for those of you asking if it's worth the buy, it is. The bundle is a great value if you don't have a headset and NOW that the game has been updated it's definetly worth the $40 on PSN.

But have fun downloading all the updates, might take you a full day :)

stevenhiggster3577d ago

Hmmm... I think I might get it then. I liked the look of it when I saw all the vids and stuff before release, but then when everyone started saying how broken it was I thought 'hell no'. If its pretty much fixed now then I think I'll get it. I don't need a headset so I reckon £20 on psn is fair enough.

Microsoft Xbox 3603577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

It's not really the hate. Fans of Socom including me was just simply disappointed with the new Socom because it failed to recreate the Socom TWO feel like Slant 6 promised. Not to mention they f**ked up trying to get everything up and running for months after the official retail release.

Confrontation is a whole different Socom, but still a good in my opinion. Just really wished it stuck with its roots.

wwedx3577d ago

my internet is slow so i dont like having to update this game everytimg i play This is my favourite game of all time.

morganfell3577d ago

Tapewurm, the hate for the game is an attempt to prevent SOCOM form doing damage. When SOCOM II released there were more players on that game than every game on Xbox Live combined.

The game is at the point where it is a great successor to SOCOM II except it doesn't have the historical lag. I game it quite a bit and it provides plenty of at old SOCOM greatness.

Highatus3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Pretty much man. SOCOM II is the only online game where i stayed up the better part of the night to play or play over 16hrs straight.

Confrontation now is still a great game. And i play it quite often, 3 friends on my list only play it whenever they are on, Some of The SOCOM faithful.

SRuN43577d ago

I can tell you don't play the game already.

They're aren't enough updates if anything. The last one (1.42) was put out to fix a spawning issues with the game, therefore it needed to be quick.

Consoldtobots3577d ago

don't let the lies of 360 fanboys fool anyone, this is one THE most underrated games on the PS3. IMO it is THE online competitive shooter of this generation. Graphics are SHARP (exactly what is needed for tactical gameplay). I can score a headshot with a SUBMACHINE gun at over 500 yards. NO OTHER game offers that kind of accuracy and LAG FREE play.I've split my FPS time between this and Killzone 2.

stevenhiggster3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Well the jury's out at the moment, one thing I can say for sure though is that the graphics suck! I know everyone keeps saying graphics don't make a game good but they certainly help, first impressions and all that. I'll give the game a bit more time, tell you one thing it could be doing with though,an offline training mode or something. Having never played any SOCOM game ever I had to jump into an online game to learn the ropes which kinda sucks. Like I say though, I'll give it more time, maybe I just haven't played with the right people yet as there was certainly no tactics or teamtalk involved in any of the games I was in!

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peeps3578d ago

should obv have been fixed from the start but socom's a game you can come back to now and again tbh, i mean ppl were playing the old socoms for ages after release. It is a good game once you get past all the bugs, i think even if it's not as good as the previous games in the series (well 1 + 2) socom fans should still enjoy it, it's not a game that will convert new ppl to the socom franchise though.

Chubear3577d ago

There are tonnes of new age gamers on SOCOM... many have now become SOCOM vets I guess XD

Lanontscuz3578d ago

i still consider this to be a better shooter than any other out their for ps3 and 360! yes it has its bugs but not enough to say this game fails! This IS NOT A RUN AND GUN game YOU WILL hate this game if you play it like that...the way i see it the more update the better this game gets....i say get a friend who plays this and join him/her to see how real team work gets you alive through a round...heres a another hint learn how to use each type of weapon! hope to see you guys online! lets get fragging!!! PSN MIkel_USMC !

Toenado3578d ago

Never played the other socoms. Picked this up on sale. Now I play it a little every day. Great buy.

y0haN3574d ago

You've missed out, the other SOCOMs were the SH!T in the day, when PS2 online was booming and there were no cheaters.. ah memories ;)

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