GAME praises Sony's console for having more functionality

GAME marketing director Anna Marcario has told that PlayStation 3 has more functionality than any other console on the market - a factor which is helping to create huge demand. "The customer reaction to the arrival of the Sony PlayStation 3 really has been nothing short of phenomenal," she said.

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FordGTGuy4762d ago

Private Chat over any game?
Unified Friends list?
etc etc etc

TheMART4762d ago


Who cares...
If you will have no games in the end?

Exclusives are jumping as rats from the sinking ship

Grown Folks Talk4762d ago

isn't losing it all together. they can still get it for the PS3.

GaMa854762d ago

Why are you obsessed with sony? is it that fact you cant afford a ps3, you allways have something to say when bad news is out... But you never said anything that week about GDC when Home or little big planet was announced. Just play your 360 and let ppl enjoy there choice of consoles and games.

SmokeyMcBear4762d ago

i think you hit the nail on the head.. mommy and daddy won't buy him a ps3 cuz its too expensive. as one person put it "the PS3 isnt for poor people"

XxZxX4762d ago

if u look at his pic, when it come to Sony news, you can count his comment out.

BIadestarX4762d ago

This company is trying so hard to hype the PS3 it couldn't be more obvious.

kingboy4761d ago

you are no better than mart..addicts lol

Tut4761d ago (Edited 4761d ago )

I am just curious but what does that say about the plethora of "bad" news reports that restated issues already covered before the US and Japan launch that even YOU commented on?

Again, I am just curious. You say articles like this are only there to provide hype but what about the articles you condone and encourage? What is their purpose?

Your opinions must be far better than everyone else's on this site, right? ><

There are always two sides to a story. Get over it ~

PS3n3604762d ago

i think mart not unlike many 360 people including myself are dissappointed. It's not a hatred really but we all love gaming and would love to have a good reason to buy a new piece of kit for the setup. I really dont care what happens i will still buy a PS3 in a year if blu-ray looks to stick around cause it really is a great movie player that i could play a couple exclusive games on. I am sort of hoping bluray does take off so I can buy one. We get reactionary when people bash the things we love and its a two way street we all travel down. Cant we all just agree to get along and hate each other at the same time?

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The story is too old to be commented.