10 things you need to know about the new Nintendo DSi

As first reported in The Times in February, Nintendo's new DSi handheld console launched in the UK and Europe on Friday, April 3. The new console builds on the success of the DS brand by adding a host of multimedia functions.

For the moment, the DSi is available in black or white. The white is shiny and sleek to the touch, the matt black has a slightly rougher finish, which makes it more pleasingly tactile.

Owners of the existing DS Lite may be momentarily thrown by the changes to the volume and power buttons, but otherwise the DSi is pretty much business as usual. So, should you buy one? Here are ten facts that may help influence your decision.

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itani3484d ago

Not enough reason for me to buy another DS.

gumgum993484d ago

Its reason enough for me !

positive comments FTW >.<

TiLL i DiE3484d ago

in the article, it says its the best selling console to date, DS is a hand held console different from home based consoles, and even so, the PS2 was the best selling console to date. number 1 is a sad excuse to be put in there, but passable, number 2 shouldn't be in there at all since its not talking about its new features. how is feature 4 a good thing? many people might see feature 6 bad because they wont be able to play pirated games.

Mr Face Creamer3484d ago

I still got a fat DS from 2004 and I don't see a reason to buy a Lite nor a DSi except for the awesome price, but then again DS handhelds are like overpriced dark chocolates.

ParanoidMonkey3484d ago

I don't want a DSi quite yet, but it has some really cool features. Once there's some DSi "exclusive" games, I could see myself springing for a third DS. I just hope it's cheaper by then...

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