Sakaguchi praises Xbox, unimpressed with PS3

Speaking with GameSpot during GDC, Final Fantasy creator and head of Mistwalker Studio, Hironobu Sakaguchi, had some interesting things to say about his recent projects, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, as well as a few choice thoughts on Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft, and game development in general.

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GaMr-4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

This guy is obviously in bill gates lap.

And IMO Final Fantasty is going to over shadow blue dragon lovely.

Keep crying to Billy Sakaguchi. Maybe he will buy you your own Final Fantasy Team. hehe

InMyOpinion4764d ago

Kinky mustasche the girl on your avatar likes men with large mustasches like Sakaguchi-sans ;)

GaMr-4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

And I bet you just like Men. = (

Marty83704764d ago

While loads of other devs are impressed with PS3 hardware. 'Edge' dev tools will help devs alot with PS3.

FordGTGuy4764d ago

the creator of Final Fantasy is on MS's payroll that makes alot of sense. I'm glad you can indulge us in your great knowledge.

Tut4764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

Ford, he actually is in a sense hahaha. The studio he now works with is funded by Microsoft. I thought we covered this nonsense in the other 60000 topics about this guy? Frankly, I don't think anyone really cares anymore.

All of the publicity this guy is getting makes him just look like a whiny, bitter old man even if he is being sincere and completely honest.

The best thing he could do is release a game that blows the Final Fantasy series out of the water. It seems he is too busy downplaying everyone and everything that helped him get where he is now in an attempt to boost his own image to even consider making a decent competitor.

If you are talking you aren't working! Zip it and give me games! =)

DrWan4764d ago

He said Ps3 was too hard to work with, he is just unskilled @ programming or his team is and failed to evolve his team to new algorithms, unwilling to adapt to new technology. (not saying xbox is not new, just Cell needs more time to learn)

f41c0n4764d ago

He is not the only developer that shares this opinion of the PS3.

The BS Police4764d ago

It's funny becuase if he was praising the PS3 they would be agreeing with him.

f41c0n4764d ago

Agreed, PS3 fans seem to be doing anything they can to pull themselves off the side of the cliff that the PS3 has put them on.

Raist4764d ago

And if he was praising the PS3, you would say he sucks.

Seriously, people disagree with people that do not have the same opinion ?

WHOA, what a surprise there

HandShandy4764d ago

There seems to be a surge of anti-sony articles popping up all over the place - and there are plenty of idiots to go with them.

Yeah I agree with you two, it seems this guy is wound round the M$ finger and of course would of been VERY selective with their facts over this. One question? Why is it always the Xbox crowd who have an axe to grind? Always digging deep in Sony issued snivveling around for something to redicule, it seems like the Xbox and it's entire following are continually negative about anyone elses agenda.

Who really are the badguys here? Sony surely arn't the only ones.....

f41c0n4764d ago

The reason why it seems that more and more people are turning against the PS3 is because it's true. They are realizing that the PS3 is inferior when compared to the 360 and Wii.

In case you didn't know, there is a site called as well. I think you will find yourself quite at home there.

Torch4764d ago

"...They are realizing that the PS3 is inferior when compared to the 360 and Wii."

Thank you for my daily chuckle with that entertaining sarcastic one-liner.

Oh you kidder, you!