Far Cry 2 patch update

"During the upcoming days our team will be preparing the arrival of our new patches with a massive update on our data server.

The first change you'll be able to notice will be on the leaderboards, in fact we will change the magic formula we are using in order to provide more accurate results.

A few players will experience a slight boost, and some would have a slight decrease in experience corresponding to a correction between our different databases. This will also prevent the use of exploit allowing certain player to accumulate massive amount of experience in a few matches."

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Still no patch when does it come!?

Marcus Fenix3483d ago

let's hope that it'll fix the saving bug that caused some players to get their save data corrupted.

krisq3483d ago

I´ve read they corrected the save bug but you probably will have start story mode from the begining :(

PS3istheshit3483d ago

jus got the game a couple days ago

cayal3483d ago

Fix the friggin glitch that cost me many hours and stuck at 27%

navyguy213483d ago

Great Ubi, and only a half a year late! I just sold my copy because i got tired of waiting, i MIGHT rebuy it to finish the story.

CRAIG6673483d ago

TBH,i put in around 50 hours to finish this game,and luckily enough i didnt experience the save glitch but always had around a dozen diffrent saves on the go just incase,however after putting in that many hours the games ending was one of the worst things ever,such a let down,i mean after putting that ammount of time in!? ah well...

why the hell was it called farcry anywayz? FARCRY on the PC is still in my top 10 fave games ever,this isnt.

Dont get me wrong,i did enjoy the game after i had done about 28 oercent of it(around 8 hours!)its good but you just have to be very patient...VERY patient.