Black Xbox 360 in late April for $479 - Dubbed the Xbox 360 Elite

Looks like Game Informer's black Xbox 360 rumor wasn't so much a rumor as it was a pending exclusive in their shiny mag. Of course, GI weren't the first outlet to whisper secrets about an elusive revision of the Xbox 360 -- actually, Engadget got pics of the console's (dubbed Zephyr) HDMI port, proving its existence. Now, GI's April issue has the deets.

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Maldread5207d ago

if it does turn out to be an april fools joke, it will defiantly be a good one hehe.

FordGTGuy5207d ago

till it comes from Microsoft and Microsoft only.

Retard5206d ago

Heheh, that has the be the most corny name I've ever heard of...

BlackIceJoe5207d ago

I guess I will have to sell my old 360 I got on launch day and will get this one on Launch also. I think will be ever worse news for Sony seeing as they thought they would be the only company out there with the HDMI port. I wonder how long until Factor 5 will make games for the 360. The last time F5 was talking they said they almost made a 360 game but not having the HDMI port was the reason they did not and know that they will I guess we could see some really nice games from them.

I like my PS3 and 360 but the 360 really is doing well and like it or not people need to see Sony is doing stupid things. So if people only own a PS3 it might not be the smartest thing to own. I would say buy at least another system if not two.

So Microsoft I have got to hand it to you. You really are showing that you want to win this console race. Even though it will suck I will have to buy another 360 but that is how life is. After a few months/years better things come out.

SmokeyMcBear5207d ago

don't worry... you'll be buying xbox720 in a couple of years.

Rasputin20115207d ago

But I shall not go buy another Xbox 360 just because it is Black.

Tut5207d ago

The green/black combo is a lot better than the white/green combo. I definitely agree with you on that.

Adamalicious5207d ago

My initial reaction was that this is an April fools joke - even though they're saying it isn't. I've always thought a black 360 was unlikely if only for the reason that the debug units are black and I would assume that would be so they could easily tell them apart from retail versions.

If it is true I think it's a mistake. Revising the hardware so significantly this early in can only be seen as acknowledging that the initial spec was inadequate i.e. hard drive too small (which it is IMO), no digital video output (again IMO on my brand new 1080p Samsung I can see a very clear difference between the PS3 outputting 720p over HDMI and the 360 outputting 720p over Component - I was pretty surprised by the difference).

I also think it unlikely that MS would revise the hardware in such a way that they would take an even greater loss per unit.

Just my opinion.

power of Green 5207d ago (Edited 5207d ago )

What selling at a loss are you talking about?. Ms's a software for PC company and have a different point of view they see it as an option and have the buy what you want and need marketing style.

#4.2 WTF are you talking about NoW!, These console's are not simple Video game systems anymore If MS went Sony's route they would be loosing the war really bad. I rather buy my PC in peices than spend thousands of dollars at once, im sure many would agree.

Nothing wrong with an upgradable HDD or the option not to pay for an HD player when you don't have an HDTV. Your pitch gets old man you repeat that same old sh*t even though millions don't seem to mind the proof is the sales of the PS3 its almost like you care more than we do as if you own a 360 and we dont.

Still making a bid deal over XBL being $30-$50 a year lol millions seem willing and able to come up with $3-5 dollars a month. I bet you upcoming XBL updates will shut your ass up.

DJ5207d ago

They don't seem to understand how the Console Market works, and have applying PC-market strategies to it. I wouldn't be surprised if they came out with a higher-spec 360 to make up for the things they left out originally. They haven't even sold 10 million 360s, so it's not like the systems are flying off shelves.

Optional Hard Drive ($100)
Optional HD Movie Playback ($199)
Optional Online Multiplayer ($50)

Adamalicious5207d ago

By "selling at a loss" I mean that every time they sell a 360 they lose money. This strategy is fine at first to get an install base going, hoping to make it up on the back end through licensing fees (games). My point was that the idea is generally to reduce hardware costs over time so that eventually the hardware will be profitable - something MS was never really able to do with the first Xbox - hence it's truncated lifespan. Last I heard MS lost, all told, about $4,000,000,000 on the first Xbox, or roughly $200 for every Xbox they sold.

MS is the most cash-rich company in the world. So whether they can afford to eat these sorts of losses to be in the console gaming market isn't the question. The question is how much can they afford to lose and for how long.

And don't accuse me of being some hater while I'm trying to collect all the Agility Orbs in Pacific City. Just trying to look at things rationally.

power of Green 5207d ago (Edited 5207d ago )

Hope it's true i decided when it launches i will be putting my Toshiba HD-DVD player in the closet untill i replace my other HDTV that uses HDMI only for PC's, or maybe i could hook it up to my 26" TheaterWide HD Toshiba CRT.

Great Idea for MS to give this option for HD-DVD add-on users and future IPTV users that want to use HDMI instead of Component and at the same time keeping the price down for folks that do not invest in HD-divices and services.

You POS of Sh*T! at least tell why you dissagree you fuc always attacking me.

MS said they were going to Add an HDMI enabled consoles(not saying how though) ages ago when the demand called for it. How in the fuc can you dissagree with me, these people have brain stormed this HD idea and had a vision for an HD console i doubt they over looked any! aspect of what makes HD look it's best and every future way to use it!, again how in the fuc do you dissagree?!.

#9 Get the hell out; you're only in here out of envy and to spite the 360.