Does A "Western Focus" Affect Storytelling?


"While the Western RPG designers took the route of freedom and player decision/customization, Japanese RPG developers kept with the linear adventure that focused on a deeper, cohesive storyline. Now, I'm not saying that all JRPGs had better stories than WRPGs - I'm not about to make that kind of rash generalization - but there's one rule of thumb that can't be avoided: the more freedom you give to the player, the less emphasis we can have on story. This is simply because the story writers can't possibly know what players will choose in their quests, which is why we've only seen minor branching storylines in some WRPGs like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Authors of books don't let you change the story; how could they? You get the point."

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onijutsu3483d ago

damn westerners and their short attention spans.
Thread topic: HOW DO I KILL VAMP IN MGS4?!
"WTF, how the hell does putting the syringe into vamps neck do anything"

"well if u remember vamp's regeneration ability comes from nano-machines, and naomi gave snake the syringes so he could suppress the nano machines when they make him feel sick. So you use the syringe to suppress the nano-machines in vamp so that he stops regenerating therefore you can kill him, and by the time the syringe wears off, his body will be unable to be a habitat for the nano-machines since they rely on human body heat as their energy source."

"wtf are nano-machines?"


RememberThe3573483d ago

Had one of the most compelling story's in gaming.The article raises a good point, but I think it's too generalized. Games like Mass Effect and GTA were able to blend well done story telling with openness and choices. But neither were anywhere near the like of some JRPG's like Lost Odyssey or Drangon Quest.

If MGS4 is any clue, we wont see games with less story, we'll see games with more.