With More Than Games, DSi Widens Playing Field

The New York Times write: "Nintendo's newest toy, the DSi, fits in your pocket and demonstrates in a simultaneously profound and giggle-inducing way that its makers may have a deeper understanding of how entertainment is evolving in the 21st century than any other company."

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jagstatboy3510d ago

but they continue to reinvent gaming over and over again. I love that they keep it fresh and innovative. I love the hardcore stuff too -- got my PS3 -- but I have a Wii and DS too and get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Can't wait to pick up my DSi tomorrow.

mint royale3510d ago

Its nice to see someone actually being positive and not lashing out with childish comments. I personally don't think the DSi is worth me getting rid of my lite but you cannot deny nintendo has been on a role since 2004.

Scelestus3510d ago

... with a childish comment and say: "More than games but less than PSP." is not a very good marketing slogan. Where I live PSP games are less than half the price of DS games, and the console is only 25% more expensive, so you make up the difference on the first game you buy.

fatstarr3509d ago

because apparently those psp games wont be playable on the psp2.

lol ds and apple boomed the touchscreen market.

the psp2 is going to be a gimmick because touch screen gaming is a gimmick(modified quote from Sony when ds was released)