New Official Conduit Boxart?

Looks like Amazon got the latest box art for The Conduit, and what looks to be a massive improvement over what it was before.

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avantgarde843489d ago

Wow looks much much better than before.

mint royale3488d ago

I need this, Madworld and Deadly Creatures. Man I need to stop being a student!

SinnedNogara3489d ago

I hope the T rating turns out to be a M rating!!

avantgarde843489d ago

I pretty sure Sega and High Voltage have both stated it as being Teen rated.
Would not having an M rating be a major deal breaker?

ChickeyCantor3489d ago

I see no reason for it to go M.
Seriously, wouldnt add anything different to it now would it?

They could basically turn it to "m" if they use one or 2 bad words.

SinnedNogara3488d ago


I read a interview that stated that the team wouldn't mind a M rating. Personally I would want a M rating just to give the game a large sense of "seriousness" and "darkness" to add to the whole alien invasion scene. I wouldn't mind a T rating though.

avantgarde843489d ago

Compare to the old one, the new one is vastly better


Product3489d ago

It is def. an improvement and by looking at it you know what the game is about which is what the important thing is........

but those glasses have to go.

ChickeyCantor3489d ago

Wait wasn't that one just a mock-up?

avantgarde843489d ago

You could be right but im really glad that they went the way they did with this boxart.

Better than Madworld imo.

nintendohomie3489d ago

hahahaha now that you say something those glasses make Ford look like Cyclops from the X-Men movies :P

ChickeyCantor3489d ago

Exactly i said the same thing,
Actually the one with the orange glasses make him look more like Cyclops. His face in this image is a bit more " older ".

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The story is too old to be commented.