Home is Where the Ads Are

Sony's unveiling of its Home virtual community for the PS3 amazed Game Developers Conference attendees, but what's possibly even more amazing is the amount of potential for advertising within Home. In-game ad firms Double Fusion and IGA are chomping at the bit to get the keys to this Home.

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f41c0n4759d ago

I've known since the day that Home was announced that it would be full of ads, so this doesn't come as a suprise.

MikeMichaels4759d ago

All of this interest means Home has certainly struck a few chords. A good sign that it will really take off in the future!

Can't wait to visit the virtual BestBuy or Walmart.

eclipsegryph4759d ago

Not that I don't think that Home is a neat idea and all, but why not just walk to or ride your bike to or drive your car to a regular Best Buy or Wal*Mart? What would the fantastic difference be that makes their appearence in Home interesting?

MikeMichaels4759d ago

The same thing goes for all online shopping in general. But there are still billions of dollars being spent.

...the difference here being a navigateable virtual store. I find myself wandering the isles at many of the big box stores finding things i didn't even know i wanted, or keep forgetting to pick up when i was there. You know, impulse purchases.

This facilitates the same experience in a online shopping environment. i said, retailers are gonna love it.

You could even have Home members/sales associates.


DrWan4759d ago

In real life, you look at things, like driving by the freeway, billboards, interent, THIS WEBSITE! everywhere there are ads but at Home, it is not like the ads will POP UP in front of you. It's just banner near the entrance of some areas, and some TV screens streaming demos, why does this bother people!!?? You dont need to look at them if you dont want to .
Just like on this website, you hardly notice the ads..but they need the ads to keep everything free. Which would you rather have? Pay or Ads that you don't really see if you don't wanna?

highps34759d ago

Looking forward to a lot of the gaming ads and video trailers they are adding to home though.

However when I had my xbox having ads right when you booted up was not cool. Especially when you are paying for that.

calderra4759d ago

Xbox Live has about 3 different ad spots, they're all static images, and they're always related to new content. And that's somehow a massive nuisance? Sure. That's just like what Home's doing in fact.

MissAubrey4759d ago

it was the Old spice challenge you tard the ads never have to do with anything outside of Xbox/gaming.

n4g sucks4759d ago

this is a good idea. if people are paying for ads then that will keep psn and home free...thanx

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