Microsoft: Downloads growing, but won't eliminate packaged goods

With more and more people taking advantage of the convenience of downloadable content, some might assume that this new trend will start to take away from traditional brick-and-mortar retail. Not so, says Microsoft UK 's Neil Thompson, as he told MCV that there is "growth of the download and digital content market – but it is complementary to boxed content and services." He doesn't see the packaged good business declining at all.

Think of it as the peanut butter on that PB&J sandwich. It's essential, yet complimentary at the same time. And delicious.

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nightelfmohawk3578d ago

..I thought DD, Cloud, Steam, and DLC were supposed to destroy blu-ray? XD

Pffffft, hard copy for life. If a console is 100% DD or internet-based, you can count me out.

thisguywithhair3576d ago

I totally agree. There is no point to DD in my opinion as there is nothing tangible in what you "own". Most of the games I have bought off of PSN just sit there on my HD as I can't "see" them and get the urge to play them. Meanwhile games like R2, RE5, Unreal 3, ect. sit on my shelf and I play them all every now and again just because I see them on the shelf and suddenly want to pop them in.