X-Men Origins: Wolverine dev diary promises game 'does not suck'

The first installment in a series of developer diary videos for X-Men Origins: Wolverine dropped today, bringing with it a number of heady promises from the folks behind the sextuple-clawed slaughterfest. Included in these promises are reminders of the title's feral protagonist's badassedness (the frequent use of this adjective might make the video NSFW, if you work at like, a monastery or something), and a solemn vow that Wolverine will be "the movie game that finally does not suck." The dev team behind Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game begs to differ.

If developer boasting isn't your cup of tea, the video also provides some nice gameplay footage from the title. However, this footage could leave you worried about Logan's mental health -- we're fairly sure wielding knuckle cutlery whilst traversing a rope bridge isn't the safest way to get around.

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-GoD_-oF-_WaR-3489d ago

This game looks very promising!
We'll see how it does

nightelfmohawk3489d ago

I agree. It looks very promising. :)

I'm looking forward to this and Batman Dark Asylum, but I think I'm leaning more towards Batman.

lloyd_wonder3489d ago

Batman: The Dark Asylum definitely looks promising.

OhReginald3489d ago

uh batman arkham asylum isnt based of a movie.

unless you guys mean comic book hero games....