NintendoLife Review: Zelda: Majoras Mask

NintendoLife Writes:

"Although the game doesn't have anywhere near the amount of dungeons that Ocarina of Time had, it makes up for this with everything else. There are far more sidequests than in Ocarina of Time, and doing them all will most likely take longer than it did to get 100% in OoT. The graphics and music are greatly improved, and the core gameplay stays the same while introducing excellent new mechanics on top of it all – such as transforming. It's really a shame that so many people never got the chance to play this game when it was first released – many would argue that it's superior to Ocarina of Time in almost every way, and that it rightly deserves to be regarded as the pinnacle of the series instead. As such, it really is an essential download – if you haven't played this game, you're missing out on a truly amazing experience."

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G4drake3488d ago

so wii owner will download game that work with th expansion pack... that awesome... but we will not get perfect dark