IGN: Stormrise PC Review

IGN writes: "When I previewed Stormrise, a new real-time strategy title from Creative Assembly, I was hopeful. The game, set in a dystopian future with plenty of ruined cities and stormy skies to enjoy, was designed from the ground up for consoles. Playing the preview build, I was intrigued by the Whip Select control system (which I'll explain in detail later) and the battlefield camera, but a number of bugs and framerate jitters kept me from enjoying the full experience. Unfortunately, those issues weren't just limited to the preview build. Stormrise has a lot of good ideas and is a sincerely valiant attempt to make RTS work without a keyboard and mouse, but the game's technical problems, coupled with some truly frustrating control limitations, ultimately makes Stormrise a disappointing entry in the genre at best."

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