G4TV: First Look 'Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2': Iron Fist And Songbird Reign Supreme

G4TV writes: "If Activision's announcement that Songbird will be starring in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (MUA2) didn't blow you away then you're sure to be dazzled by the latest revelation that The Immortal Iron Fist is in the mix too. And really, what the video-game world needs is more heroes that fight crime wearing dainty yellow slippers. I kid, I kid. I actually like both of those characters. More importantly, I love the action-RPG style of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends. I saw Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 last week and am totally ready for more Marvel merryment. While the game looks far from groundbreaking, it features several improvements that are sure to appeal to comic-book fans and action-RPG junkies. If you happen to be both then you'll probably love this game."

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