COD: World at War Map Pack 1 is free on PC

DarkZero: Josh Olin, Community Manager at Treyarch has confirmed that the PC version of Map Pack 1 for Call of Duty: World at War will be made available for free on PC. The same DLC went live mid march for 360 and PS3 at a price of 800 Microsoft Points (€9.99 | £7.99).

The DLC set new records on Xbox Live, selling over 1 million copies in the first week of availability.

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celldomceen13486d ago

what about the consoles? this is nonsense!

evrfighter3486d ago

it's because this is what pc gamers expect as it's been sort of like pc gaming tradition for years before console online gaming. Where you guys call it DLC, we've been calling something like this a "patch" for years. Map packs have almost always been included in patches should the developer continue to support their game. and most have actually.

EA tried the "pay for dlc" approach in the form of booster packs (a couple maps, a few new weapons and vehicles) for the battlefield series. The idea I'm sure looked nice on paper but they failed horribly. Almost nobody played on the booster pack maps is the only indication I can give you for how bad they sold.

Actually M$ did this before EA with the mechwarrior series. They added new mechs to mechwarrior 4 in the form of mech packs. My guess is it didn't fare well either as I'd prolly run into a couple of kodiac's and highlander's every few games or so.

celldomceen13486d ago

oh dont worry i know all about that but im still appropriately upset as a console owner.

Bnet3433486d ago

Don't forget PC gamers pay upwards of $1000 for PC parts and fancy nice computers while console people keep it below $500.

y0haN3486d ago

uh.. you can build a system for cheaper than a PS3 that can max out this game.. you fail.

kwicksandz3486d ago

PC versions of multi plats are often 10 -20$ cheaper as well.

Console owners get the shaft good and proper.

St03486d ago

This is why i never buy DLC for console games, their just ripping people off and they don't care. The only games company that gives out free maps and stuff are Epic and their UT3 game on PS3, but not xbox (yet), something to do with MS wanting them to charge for it or somthing

JsonHenry3485d ago

I love it when people complain about the price of a PC. Hell, for less than what you paid for your console I can build a PC than can run all the current games.

Also - you have to have an HDTV to play your console the way it was meant to be played. And how much did you pay for that? At least $500 for a used 32" HDTV. So your $1,000 price tag on a PC is equal to or less than what you paid for your console setup.

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Bnet3433486d ago

Console owners are owned yet again.

DNAgent3486d ago

So basically there are people who got this on consoles and bought free content. XD

celldomceen13486d ago

basically glad i didnt by that sh#T

dragunrising3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

I think I'm done buying DLC. If PC gamers get it for free and pay $10 less at that, console gamers should get the same treatment. I won't pay a premium so others can freeload. Does anyone know why console users get shafted? I'm pissed :-(

Edit: I think I know why PC gamers get free DLC. 1. They never paid for DLC. 2. They throw a fit of rage when they don't get their way. 3. They pirate the offending publisher and game until they offer said DLC for free. There is no reason that console games should have to pay if another gets it for free.

@ blackmanparade- Intuitively that makes sense. However, if the developers aren't making money on DLC for the PC...why make it for them? Outside of pirating the game in revenge, I can't think of a reason.

TheIneffableBob3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Console users pay for DLC because they're willing to pay for it, for whatever reason.

PC users expect to be given free updates for their $50.

The DLC is available to PC users for free because it keeps the gamers happy, a goal all developers should strive for and a goal which many developers reached when they weren't tied to big corporations. An angry fanbase is something you do not want. It will cost the publisher far more than releasing content for free.

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