First day sales in Japan

First day sales data in Japan for various games have been released.

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killzone2ownsallfps3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

lol this game is race of horse.......;)

Blackcanary3510d ago

lol Looks like the Japanese love there anime Horse racing games.

sinncross3510d ago

Winning Post World (PS3) - 7,000 units (55%)
Winning Post World (PS2) - 5,000 units (50%)
Winning Post World (Wii) - 1,000 units (25%)

It sold better on both the PS3 and PS2...

good to see the PS3 selling more titles of a multi platform title that just so happens to be released on the widely popular PS2.

Could mean good things for Sony.

Marceles3510d ago (Edited 3510d ago )

buh buh the Wii is the fastest selling console in the history of consoles...buh more 3rd party sales...buh...

good job PS brand :)

You would think people would like whipping the horse with the Wiimote but I guess not

Smacktard3509d ago

...It's a horse racing game. It's probably not even coming outside of Japan. Are you guys celebrating a horse-racing game's sales (still pathetic in total regardless of whether it sold more on the PS3)? It's truly pathetic. If it sold more on the Wii we would've gotten "blah blah stupid horse shovelware wii crap."

Stupid desperate fanboys.