"User experience will come first" - Google on in-game ads plan

Google has told Eurogamer that in-game advertising could add another layer of realism to many games, by providing relevant, targeted advertising content - such as characters drinking from real Coke cans, entering real retail outlets, or seeing real posters and billboards in their virtual worlds.

"As with all things we do, the user experience will come first," a spokesperson for Google told us. "If done right, in-game advertising can add to the overall gaming experience by providing relevant, targeted advertising content."

"In fact, in many genres, in-game advertising can add to the realism of the game enhancing the overall user experience."

The Internet giant was speaking in the aftermath of its acquisition of in-game advertising firm Adscape Media - for a rumoured US$ 23 million (EUR 17.5m). Google hopes this new technology and know-how will help offer advertisers and publishers new solutions and opportunities for their products.

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SEAN16174769d ago

kill Microsoft, they are growing so quickly and the are planing to take over the os business, completely free web based os so you can always access everything on your home pc all the time everywhere you go. I like Google they are smart as hell, and i like a company that starts from complete self innovations, unlike some thieving bastards like apple and Ms poor xerox their ass will never be the same.