10° - Red Faction Guerilla Hands On

I think Red Faction Guerilla might just be my most wanted game of the summer. If the multiplayer holds up to my expectations (based on the beta and what Volition has done with the online play in Saint's Row), then this could be the best way to waste away those 100 degree days. Hey, I live in Texas. Don't tell me I'm wrong!

The game, in a lot of ways, is your typical third person sandbox action game. You'll run around in a massive world jumping in vehicles and doing missions, but there are a lot of unique twists to Red Faction Guerilla to make it stand out in the crowd. First off, the entire game takes place on Mars. That also means that the game takes place in the future. Mars has been colonized and you play the dude who doesn't like the way things are being run. So now it's time to rebel against the crazy government in order to make Mars the swingingest planet in the galaxy.

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