Halo 3 Priced Downunder

While you might think that Americans and Canadians will be paying through the nose of the Legendary Edition of Halo 3, we got word of the Australian prices for the 3 SKUs. To get the cat-helmet, you'll need to drop AU$ 199.95, which is about $160 USD. The Limited Edition comes in at AU$ 119.95, or $96 USD. To just get the game, you'll be paying AU$ 99.95, which translates to $80 USD.

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FordGTGuy4760d ago

the same for all their other games? Australia gets screwed over in general when it comes to the price of games.

InMyOpinion4760d ago

I don't see any good reasons in buying special/limited edition games. As long as the game is unchanged I could'nt care less what the box looks like/contains.
A freakin helmet...I mean c'mon, 80$ extra for a toy helmet and some ridiculous "making of" dvd you'll watch once and never again.

FordGTGuy4760d ago

about 50x times over lol
not to mention it comes with a bunch of other content including Red vs. Blue.

Yo Wassap4760d ago

Limited editioins are just so much more worth while in the UK, the limited ed. is usually only 5 or 10 quid more than the original. And a nicer case is always appreciated in my house (more durable and obviously nicer to look at). The legendary is pointless to my interests but the limited definately is not.