Is The New Nintendo DSi Worth It?

The Nintendo DS gets a $40 upgrade this Sunday with the introduction of the Nintendo DSi. MTV had a few days with the system to figure out if it's worth it.

Well, it depends on what your gaming - and non-gaming - needs are.

The $170 DSi is the newest iteration of a line of Nintendo DS gaming handhelds that launched in the U.S. in November 2004. Since then, the company's DS line has sold more than 100 million units, Nintendo announced last month. The DS Lite - which was launched in 2006 as a sleeker model of the original DS - is still a big success in this country, selling several hundred thousand units a month at $130.

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truehunter3578d ago

Is it worth it .... Naww i got DSLite an its all about the games. As long i can play it then no problem with it.

Johnny Rotten3578d ago

The DSi costs $200 in Canada so no thanks.

hatchimatchi3577d ago

then ill buy it

otherwise im fine with my lite. Plus, i owned a ds fat, and 2 ds lite's (the screen broke so i bought another.) I dont feel like dropping 170 just because it has a camera that im never going to use.

jagstatboy3577d ago

I went to the DSi pre-screening event that Gamestop and Nintendo held and while the bottom screen is bigger, the top screen is not. Every article I've read on the net says it has bigger screens than the Lite. And no I did not measure it or eyeball it, I asked the Nintendo rep about the screens and compare it to the Lite I brought. The rep even told me the top screen is the same size.

Anyway, still picking mine up tomorrow.

mistajeff3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

I really think they just wanted an excuse to jack up the price. Frankly, since the DS and DS lite have been out so long, I think it's complete bull that they didn't release the DSi at the 130 price point. But they've managed to convince millions to drop $250 for what was patented as a gamecube add-on that they made exclusive to a new console for easier bundling/marketing. Seriously though, if I'm going to drop $170 on a Nintendo handheld, I may as well just buy a Wii for $80 more. Not that I'm actually considering buying either, though if they each get some good games over the next few years I may get one of them and hack it.
But increasing the price on a system that should've been due for a price cut is complete bullsh!t. They should've put the DSi at 130 and dropped the lite to 99. That would've been a lot more fair to consumers, especially in this economy (then again, it might get in the way of Nintendo's money-printing division). Why are people complaining about Sony not cutting their price, when Nintendo can sneak in hidden price boosts? At least with Sony I feel like I'm getting a much more appropriate technological value for my money.

Not that Sony doesn't display their own greed or anything, but this was my Nintendo rant for the day. I really don't feel that the new features are worth $40 more. Especially when the old DSs were aching for a price cut.