Halo 3 approaches 10 million sold copies

Somewhere, someone has got to make a lot of money on this game, and are now probably laughing all the way to the bank.
The previously best selling Halo game, Halo 2, has now been overtaken by Halo 3.

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farhsa20085169d ago

wow, for a decent game this sure has sold a lot, i know for damn sure that halo 2 was much better.

4Sh0w5169d ago

I like Halo3 much better, its got alot of great features 4 player co-op is awesome with some friends, great gameplay plus online is run & gun fun, add Bungies constant support just keeps making a already very deep game even better.

N4Sony5169d ago

Deserves the good sales!!!

IdleLeeSiuLung5169d ago

Wow. amazing sales. Never thought it would be inching towards 10 million copies sold. That means every 3rd Xbox 360 owner owns a copy of Halo 3. Amazing!

Bnet3435169d ago

I'll consider Killzone 2 a Halo killer when it puts up numbers like that. I don't care what anyone says.

Ryo-Hazuki5169d ago

As a ps3 only owners sure buy there games, unlike ps3 owners. We have a fantastic game in Killzone 2 and the damn game will only hit 3.5 million lifetime probably....i dont understand ps3 owners.

theKiller5169d ago

and real next gen games which MS dont provide!

PotNoodle5169d ago

infamous, it isn't the PS3 owners fault - it is sonys fault for not advertising their games. I knew so many people the week before the release of killzone 2 that didn't even know what killzone 2 was!

pain777pas5169d ago

Halo3 was fun, graphics were pretty good, tuned gameplay and great online. Nothing not to like about the game really but I don't like the Green suit anymore it looks so basic and kinda lame sometimes I'm like Halo was pure luck that it was so successful however the gameplay holds up even today on combat evolved save the vehicle controls for the warthog.

Sircolby455169d ago

"As a ps3 only owners sure buy there games, unlike ps3 owners. We have a fantastic game in Killzone 2 and the damn game will only hit 3.5 million lifetime probably....i dont understand ps3 owners."

That is because Killzone 2 is another beautiful disaster like Haze. I am sure I will get disagrees like mad for saying this, but what the hell where they thinking when they designed the control scheme for this game? The PS3 controller is already awkward enough on a FPS without adding a delay!!! If they would have had a normal control scheme this game would have been truly epic. I am sorry though I simply can not stand the controls. IMO Resistance is leaps and bounds ahead of Killzone 2.

Anyway back on topic. Halo 3 is truly an amazing game. The number of people playing it and the number of sales it has speaks for itself. Halo is more tailored to the run and gun audience and it is the more tactical people that bash it. Personally I love both tactical and run and gun, but r&g is still my favorite.

rubarb235169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

Dudes, I agree with you both

the way i see it, most people bought a ps3 as a blu ray player. that's why you hardly see ps3 games (exclusive or not) on the npd top 10.
i mean come on, i bought killzone 2 and i frigg'n love it man. sony fanboys here keep hyping their exclusives and what happens? they don't sell as expected. they're too busy hyping ps3's exclusives they forget to go out and buy them - nice!
oh and those comments about killzone 2's npd sales were only for 2 days.....yeah, well compare that to gears 1, gears 2, halo 3's first day sale - notice the difference?
sony is also at fault. one would think by now, they'd know how to advertise their big triple a titles.
who knows, maybe sony thinks that by using their own loyal fanbase, word will get around at little to no cost to them and their exclusives will sell like hot cakes. thing is, that strategy doesn't work. least not for them thus far.
if killzone 2 came out on the 360, you better believe ms would have hyped the living sh!t out of it and it would have sold like crazy.
much crap is said about ms buying exclusives here and there, or that the 360 can't do this or that, in the end the xbox 360 does something ps3 has been struggling to do this gen....sell their games in the millions. it's not to say that selling 300 - 600k is bad, not by any means, but you would rather have your title sell in the hundred thousands? or millions? that's the difference between ps3 and xbox 360 owners. 360 owners actually SUPPORT and BUY games.
oh before i forget, i love sony fanboys who trash halo there a ps3 exclusive that has sold that much? me thinks not.

One more thing to all those who hate on halo (don't care if you're a 360 owner or not), you personal opinion is just that - i respect. But no one can deny that halo is in a league of it's own. that's the power of that franchise, sure better looking games come out, but halo multiplayer will always be at the top or at least in the top 3 on live. soon you'll see COD MW and COD WAW fall off the charts as the newer games come out and you'll still be seeing halo in there in the 1st 3 spots. I don't think there's ever been a console game with that lasting appeal to gamers.

@ DNAgent's comment below

lol, let me guess, you tried to play halo 3 online, got your ass kicked, put on your best dress and went back to flower - super!

GUNS N SWORDS5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

the day of reckoning has come.

sony and it's gamers don't know how to market a game worth sh1t, you don't smother the game in hype and at the same time diss every game out there that opposes it.

every fvcking insult that N4G's ps3 members deliberately said about 360 and it's selection of games....not one person out of n4g heard it, out of the millions of gamers there are in this world.

(this should be a turning point for those who wasted time hyping killzone, rather than making childish remarks about how bad halo3 is in comparison, those people should have made a more friendly and welcoming approach to hyping killzone2.)

soxfan20055169d ago

This just proves that quality gameplay will prevail every time. Sure, Halo 3 may not look as good as other Xbox 360 or PS3 games, but it is gameplay quality that matters most, and Halo 3 delivers top notch next-gen gameplay. Just like PS3 supporters say that sales don't matter, it's all about quality - Halo 3 proves that gameplay quality trumps graphical prowess.

Bnet3435169d ago

GUNS N Swords speaks truth. A lot of PS3 fanboys here hyped KZ2 to hell and bashed Halo 3. And for what? KZ2 didn't come close sold a million at launch, while Halo 3 is a a chicken laying golden eggs for Bungie. Now I understand why Microsoft never saw KZ2 as a threat, it barely even touched Halo. And for the record, please shut don;t speak to me if you don't know who I am. Calling me a fanboy is not going t help the situation at hand for you fanboys. I love it when people talk sh*t and it gets shoved right back in their mouth. Honestly, it doesn't matter what side your on. 360 PS3 Wii w/e.

pwnsause5168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

"hat is because Killzone 2 is another beautiful disaster like Haze. I am sure I will get disagrees like mad for saying this, but what the hell where they thinking when they designed the control scheme for this game? The PS3 controller is already awkward enough on a FPS without adding a delay!!! If they would have had a normal control scheme this game would have been truly epic. I am sorry though I simply can not stand the controls. IMO Resistance is leaps and bounds ahead of Killzone 2."

Haze wasnt a beautiful disaster, it was in fact, the opposite. and the control scheme is great for this game. it was designed well for that controller, it is not a 360 controller, which is suitable for FPS and no, Resistance 2 does not leap ahead of KZ2, especially in the graphics department. Killzone 2 was never a beautiful disaster, it did lots of things right. as I said before, I love this "double standard" that people put to this game.

People have been trying to make this game fail for a long time because they hate the dev team that does it, not to mention the company that supports this dev team, and you know what? they cant. so they nitpicked this game to death. Im not going to talk any farther than this, because this is a Halo topic.

RememberThe3575168d ago

This is about Halo 3, not Killzone 2. Can we please leave the fanboyism at the door.

All-35168d ago

That being said... answer this question please --> WHY haven't MORE PS3 owners bought Killzone 2 then?

Do more than 2/3rds of PS3 owners actually --> BELIEVE <-- in the negative things so-called detractors of the game --> AND the detractors of the developers AND the detractors of Sony - say?

Orrrrrrrrrrrr --> MAYBE <-- just maybe - there ARE NOT as many shooter fans in the current PS3 install base as many might have thought... Hmmm?

skottey5168d ago


Just curious as to why you liked Halo 2 better than Halo 3?

Was it the horrible ending of the Halo 2 campaign you adored? Which made the top ten of worst endings for a video game of all time. Halo 3 on the other hand had an excellent ending.

Or was it the Halo 2 multiplayer you liked better. While I liked the game a lot at the time, it was spoiled and tainted with online cheating and network manipulation that ruined night after night of play. You'd just come down from an anger burst about some a-hole cheating and you'd run into another cheatin' fool. Halo 3 mulitplayer may not be perfect. I mean, I miss some of the maps from Halo 2 and all that, but they have done a better job preventing most of the cheats and network manipulations.

Now, if they could just fix the grenade system, because that stinks up all three games. If I throw a grenade at you in real life and you shoot me dead before my grenade goes off, my grenade still goes off. This will happen every time unless a grenade is faulty. But in the Halo games, it is hit or miss, and usually not, that a grenade will still blow up after the thrower is killed.

7thNightvolley5168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

halo3 is a really fun game.. my all time fav mode, Griftball .. well the one like NFL ... mega fun.. 10 million sales.. comparing any game as a halo killer is a very big mistake many should not make coz 10million is a monstrous number to beat. and the only thing that can ever top that no is a Wii fit which i dont consider a game... or another halo FPShooter. no other game would reach that number well i dont see any maybe gears2 might try. but that game would have to be on the 360 since 360 gamers buy a shyt load of games.

Saigon5168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

isnt this the second article that did this...first it was hhg claiming kz2 was a failure because it had numbers and everyone beleived does the same thing with h3...and again everyone beleives this website...

Look if the information is not released by its Publisher...speculation means nothing...This thread should be locked or closed or even removed because the source is giving guestimated numbers...

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5169d ago
George Sears5169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

Props for Bungie on the creation and success of this franchise and redefining the genre along with it.

DNAgent5169d ago

And I guess props to Wii Fit for redefining the meaning of excercise too, right?

George Sears5169d ago

If you like Wii fit, then yeah I guess. Don't know why you are comparing the two. Sure, Wii fit has sold a lot, but you know that that game is aimed for casuals.

DNAgent5169d ago

Halo is also aimed at casuals. It's a run & gun shooter and it's a casual shooter. It doesn't take any skill so it's easy for casual gamers to pick up and play while still managing to get a lot of kills.

OOG5169d ago

to be good at halo u cant just be a run and gunner... and if its team deathmatch it is one of the most team oriented deathmatches... you cant win without a good team in Halo...

Bnet3435169d ago (Edited 5169d ago )

look at his avatar, he's obviously mad about the good halo news. don;t take it so serious DNAgent.

Firstkn1ghT5169d ago

LMAO! A run and gun shooter? You clearly have no idea.

Shepherd 2145168d ago

halo 3 is not a run and gun game. True, it is easy to be an average skilled player in Halo 3, but to be truly better than the average player requires much practice and skill. Since ive played Halo for about 8 years now, i think i would know.

RememberThe3575168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

You can do just fine in Halo if you just run and gun. If you deny that, your just not being honest. If you want to get good however, you have to approach it a little differently.

I think this is a testament to Halo's playability/accessibility. If you want to play it casually you can and you'll do fine, but if you really want to get into it, you can get really good.

Halo 3 is not the best shooter out there (IMO), but it is one of the most accessible. That is why we will see this game sell well throughout this generation.

KruLLit5168d ago

I'm getting tired of these PS3 fanboys. Out of all the consoles, I hate xbox 360 the most and I can't really understand why people play halo 3, because I think it's garbage. But hey that's only my opinion.

Why not congratulate Bungie for making a successful game and stop whining about your "Killzone 2 is the best game evaah, OMAGAAWD". It won't do as well as Halo 3, so why even bother.

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Deadman645169d ago

Yeah, really. Congrats to Bungie, especially since they are still supporting it full strength.

NNNW5168d ago

this just shows xbox has no games lol!

II Necroplasm II5168d ago (Edited 5168d ago )

I own 87 Xbox 360 games and halo 3 is one of them.

So my point is you fail.

TreborRversed5168d ago

Despite what anyone may think about the game, you got to give Bungie credit for that sale figure.

I can only hope in time we will see a PS3 game sell that many.

Sanzee5168d ago

Congratulations Microsoft and Bungie, and Xbox fans everywhere!

And I think it's safe to say the Xbox 360 will take 2nd place this generation, and 1st in the battle of hardcore... not just because of this game, but because the 360 is 1/3 ahead of the PS3 in total sales, and the console's top 4 selling games have outsold the PS3's number one selling game this generation. Unfortunately, PS3 fans hate discussing numbers, and opinion overrides any and all proven facts. In other words: emotion > logic.

I don't even see the point in fighting with PS3 fans now. We're going to win. Game over.

Shane Kim5168d ago

360 will never win sh!t. They will always be last. It's frightening to see how you back up a corporation that has delivered 4 good games in 4 years. Then you rant about sales like you actually have shares in MS. 10 million copies is a great achievment for Bungie and even though this game isn't for me, It's probably fun for alot of people. But come on, Halo 3, Gears 1&2 and ME? That's 1 good game/year for the 360. And mark my words, since everything is going downwards for the 360, it won't last past this year. MS will drop support and bring out the 720.

Eiffel5168d ago

Not to be a fanboy but...what PS3 game has sold anywhere close to 10 million?

I rest my case.

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Microsoft Xbox 3605169d ago

360's causes disc scratching, hence why many Halo 3 players bought more than one copy.

BLaZiN PRopHeT5169d ago

MS replaces games they published when the disk is scratched for free.

Now try again

Shepherd 2145169d ago

yea they replace all scratched disks for free. Also try not knock your console over when your playing, and you wont have that problem. Moving your 360 while its playing scratches disks, so it not that hard to leave it alone while your playing. For the past three years of constant 360 gaming, i have not had that problem.

Deadman645169d ago

Me either. I don't move my console whiles its reading a disc, nor do I have it sitting vertical. Pretty much common sense.

AngryTypingGuy5168d ago

Quit making excuses. There aren't that many 360's scratching discs that it would affect a number like 10 million.

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