GameSquad: Empire: Total War Review

A Total War game is a lot like a bottle of fine wine: you just don't drink it until it has aged some, for by aging it, you improve the overall quality. Such is the case with Empire: Total War. As it stands right now, it is a decent entry to the franchise. However, as bugs are gradually squashed, and the world-class modding community kicks in, E: TW will prove to be a great game. Alas, in its current form, E: TW comes across as a polished beta.

So, unless you really, really need to get your hands on this title, GameSquad advises waiting a few months for all the kinks to be slowly worked out and the promised mod tools and multiplayer campaign to arrive. Once these issues are resolved, Empire: Total War will prove to be another classic entry to one of the most beloved PC gaming franchises of all time.

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