OnLive strong, but vulnerable to PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

Greg Handelsman from Punch Jump writes:

Are consoles dead? That's a question on many minds ever since OnLive, Inc. announced that it would bring on-demand hi-def gaming to any PC, Mac or television.

From the dawn of the gaming industry the consoles and medium in which games have been played has evolved. Games started out as plastic cartridges, then evolved to CDs, DVDs, and in the latest generation, Blu-ray discs.

Today, some games can be downloaded directly to a computer, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or Wii through their ISP or the console's online network.

Now, OnLive is introducing a game platform that does not require a traditional console for playing video game software.

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Kakkoii3483d ago

I would hardly call OnLive high-def gaming". 720p is the lowest of high-def and doesn't really even deserve the term. If they could deliver 1080i, then yeah perhaps. But the day they can deliver 1980x1200 is the day they can say hi-def and play with the big boys of PC Gaming :)

truehunter3483d ago

Kakkoii dont forget it can also go to 480p if the connection start to die down.